People are interested in what you're selling. Whether you have a physical store or sell online, your business will become stronger. Take full advantage of your potential.



Point of Sale (POS)

Provide the option of paying by card in your establishment and avoid the risks associated with handling large sums of cash.

E-Business Credit Card

The ideal credit card* for your business with flexible payment methods and all the Euro 6000 Privileges.


Credit Transfers

Manage collections and payments under a single common system within the Single Euro Payments Area.

Customer Collection Service

Manage your collections through Digital Banking and you will be able to receive anticipated invoice payments to your account.

SEPA Direct Debits

Manage your collections under a single common system for the entire SEPA area. Available for individuals, companies and self-employed individuals.


Credit Current Account

The account that allows you to use your associated credit* for frequent and extraordinary business expenses.

ICO Facility for Companies and Entrepreneurs

A credit line* with favourable terms for your productive investments and liquidity needs.

Commercial Discount

Advance* the collection of receipts, bills of exchange and other commercial instruments typical of your business activity.


Lease the movable and immovable property that your business requires without having to make a large initial investment.


SME and Business Insurance for Damages

Insurance** that covers both the property related to your business operations and your facilities. Includes 24-hour emergency service.

Corporate Liability Insurance

Insurance*** to cover occasional damages to third parties that arise from your business operations.


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