Who can request the ICO COVID-19 line?

Enterprises and the self-employed from all sectors of activity which have their registered office in Spain can avail themselves of the ICO COVID-19 line. Publicly-owned national, regional and local enterprises may also request it. The requests must be justified by the economic impact caused by the COVID-19 crisis.

What can it be request for?

It can be requested for new loans and other kinds of financing, as well as for renewals granted to cover financing needs arising from, among others, salary payments, invoices, cash flow needs and other liquidity needs, including those arising from financing and tax obligations becoming due.

What terms and warranties does the guarantee offer?

The term for operations is up to 5 years.


The guarantee's coverage is established as follows:


  1. SMEs(*) and the self-employed: 80%
  2. All other enterprises:
  • New transactions: 70%
  • Renewals: 60%

What is the time limit for requesting the guarantees?

The COVID-19 ICO Guarantee Line can be submitted until June 1st 2021 or until all the funds have been used up.

How can I request the ICO COVID-19 line?

To process your request or for further information, you can call or email your account manager or the nearest operational branch. You can find it in our list of branches which remain open.


The request will be analysed and granted subject to the institution's criteria.

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