Who can request the ICO COVID-19 Line?

Self-employed workers and companies dedicated to all sectors of activity having a registered office in Spain which have been affected by the economic repercussions of COVID-19 can request the ICO COVID-19 Investment Guarantee Line, including any companies that have applied to join the furlough scheme (ERTE) after 17 March 2020, except companies belonging to the financial and insurance sectors.

What can it be request for?

  • Investment and/or performance of the activity by the company, including: new investments like the acquisition of assets, capital goods, machinery, material processes and supplies; expansion, adaptation, renewal or maintenance of capabilities, installations, equipment and processes; and development or restarting the activity.

  • Current and capital expenses associated to the investment, including: payroll payments; social security contributions; rent; acquisition costs; leasing of machinery, vehicles, goods, patents, digital equipment and software; acquisition costs of material supplies, raw materials, services and outsourced professional services; R&D and innovation expenses; import-export costs, etc.

  • Expenses arising from tax and current financing obligations associated to the above-mentioned purposes.

What terms and warranties does the guarantee offer?

Up to eight years.


The guarantee's coverage is established as follows:

  1. SMEs(*) and the self-employed: maximum of 80% of the transaction's principal.
  2. All other enterprises: maximum of 70% of the transaction's principal. 


In either of the aforementioned cases, the guarantee covers the principal capital defaulted by the customer for each financing transaction, expressly excluding ordinary interest, late-payment interest, debt recovery fees and all other similar items.

What is the time limit for requesting the guarantees?

In general terms, the ICO COVID-19 Investment Guarantee Line will be available until 1 June 2021 for new applications and until 15 May 2021 for the amendment of applications already in force or until the funds run out.

How can I request the ICO COVID-19 Guarantee Line?

To process your request or seek further information, you can call or email your account manager or the nearest operational branch. You can find it in our list of branches which remain open.


The request will be analysed and granted subject to Unicaja Banco's criteria.

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