Comprehensive Company Health Insurance

The health insurance all employees will want to sign up for

Health insurance for the entire workforce

Benefit from a great health insurance policy for companies and their employees from a net premium per insured party of just €40.50 a month(1).

Dental supplement included

Includes 14 basic services free of charge and agreed maximum prices for the rest of treatments provided.

No copayments

A health insurance so complete that it includes no copayments other than €8 for psychology consultations.

Extraordinary team of doctors

With the best professionals, including all specialities, emergencies and hospitalisation.

Comprehensive Company Health Insurance coverage


Primary healthcare: general medicine, paediatrics and nursing.


All medical specialities: gynaecology, orthopaedics, ophthalmology, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, psychology, etc.


All kinds of hospitalisation without limit (except psychiatric hospitalisation).


Dental supplement.


Hospital and home emergencies, including single room in the event of hospitalisation.


Second medical opinion: assessment of the diagnosis and treatment being followed by the insured party during the course of their illness by renowned Spanish or international experts, who will issue the relevant report on them(*).


Ahorra con el Seguro de Salud Pymes de Unicaja Banco


Net premium per insured party(1)



If you take out the insurance before 30 June 2021(2).



Either the company or the workforce have the chance of benefitting from highly interesting tax advantages depending on who assumes the cost of the Comprehensive Health Insurance.

Benefit from the irresistible advantages offered by your company health insurance!

Seguro de Salud de Unicaja Banco

Visit your doctor without having to leave home

Access the digital medical service that adapts to your pace of life wherever and whenever you want.


Free serological test

If you take out your Health Insurance for the Self-Employed between 15 March and 14 September 2021 (4).

Seguro de Salud de Unicaja Banco

Gift voucher worth €100 for dental treatment

We give you a €100 dental discount voucher for dentures, orthodontics and implants, or a voucher worth a €30 discount for other kinds of treatment (5).

Seguro de Salud de Unicaja Banco

Nootric: start taking care of your eating habits

We give you (6) a complete information plan to improve your eating habits. Includes online physical activity programmes!

Take out your Company Health Insurance at Unicaja Banco

You can go to any Unicaja Banco branch if you want to take out the Company Health Insurance. Remember that you can request a prior appointment!

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Frequently asked questions about Company Health Insurance

Is it possible for employees to deduct the Company Health Insurance from their taxes? And what about the company?

When it comes to deducting the insurance, it depends on who actually pays for it:


If the company pays the cost of its employees' health insurance:


-Companies or businesses subject to corporation tax may write off all of the company's health insurance expenditure for its employees as social expenses in the corporation tax return.


-In so far as employees who receive health insurance from the company are concerned, the premiums or amounts paid out by the company to cover the illnesses of its employees, their spouses or their offspring will not be deemed as earnings in kind, provided said amounts do not exceed €500 per person. Any amount in excess thereof would therefore be earnings in kind as provided by Article 44 of the Income Tax Act. 


Hence, if the insurance premium amounts to €500 or less per year, it will be exempted from taxation. However, if it exceeds said amount, the excess will be taxed as earnings in kind. Employees may only benefit from this exemption where it is the company that subscribes and pays for the insurance. If part of the insurance is paid by the company and the rest by the employee, this exemption may only be applied to the amount paid by the company.


If the company passes on the insurance's costs to its employees' salaries: Flexible Remuneration Plan


In these cases, the premium is paid by the employee through a reduction of their gross remuneration (the premium is subtracted from the employee's gross salary).


This type of earnings in kind is exempted from personal income tax up to the same limits mentioned above in Article 42 of the Income Tax Act (€500 per year for each of the family unit's members — spouse and offspring – or €1,500 for family members suffering from a disability), thereby producing a consequent tax benefit for the employee.


Tax regulations may vary in some regional authorities and may be subject to reforms. We therefore recommend you consult this information with your tax advisor or the Tax Agency to ensure it is always up to date.

If the company pays for the health insurance, is it deemed as earnings in kind?

Yes, it is, since the definition of "earnings in kind" is that part of an employee's salary which the company offers them in the form of services, gifts or similar. Its amount must not exceed 30% of the amount received by the employee.

Does the Unicaja Banco Company Health Insurance involve copayments?

The Comprehensive Company Health Insurance does not involve any copayments, apart from €8 for the psychology speciality.

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