Do you apply SCA to all card transactions?

No, there are a series of exemptions and legal exceptions that allow one not to always have to request the two authentication factors, which benefits the user’s experience without the payment ceasing to be safe. 


On one hand, there are various types of payment that, due to their actual nature, are excluded by the PSD2 from the requisite to request strong authentication. These are payments initiated by post or by telephone, payment of products or services when there is an agreement between the store and the holder that allows the store to charge without the holder having to perform a prior action that triggers it (for example, payment of subscriptions, supplies, etc.), and payments with anonymous prepaid cards.


Moreover, the SCA requisite only applies when the issuer and the acquirer are in any of the countries in the European Economic Area (EEA), so payments with cards issued outside the EEA are not subject to SCA.


On the other hand, a series of special situations are foreseen under which Issuers may possibly decide not to apply SCA. These situations are:


  • Personal payment by contactless card of amounts under € 20, up to a maximum of 5 operations or an accumulated amount of € 150.
  • Payments on Internet for an amount under € 30, up to a maximum of 5 operations, or an accumulated amount of € 100.
  • Recurring payments from the same account and to the same store.
  • Payments at unattended terminals on motorways, toll booths and parking lots.
  • Payments to receivers trusted by the holder, that the issuer is specifically instructed are such.
  • Some corporate payments.
  • Payments with low fraud risk.


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