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An investment fund is an investment product with the pooled capital of various investors managed by a management company to maximise returns. The fund can invest in a wide variety of financial assets (bonds, stocks, dividends, etc.) and non-financial assets (real estate, commodities, etc.). Risk level is determined by the economic fluctuation of these assets in the market.


Learn more about investment funds here.


Signing up for an investment fund is simple through Digital Banking. In order to do so, you must have access to a fund account where enrollment operations and settlements will appear.


Learn more about investment funds here.

An investment fund transfer consists in redeeming funds and immediately enrolling them in the new investment fund, whether between funds with the same management company or different ones. You can transfer a fund in its entirety or just a specific number of shares. New shares subscribed shall retain the value and date of purchase of the transferred shares. The transferred capital does not have fiscal implications, so you only pay taxes at the moment of the sale.


Learn more about how to transfer an investment fund here.

The transfer of investment fund shares receives tax treatment as a capital gain or loss, in the amount of the difference between the sale or transfer value and the acquisition or purchase value:


Net Variation = (Sale value) - (Acquisition value)


Learn more about the taxation of an investment fund here.

Fondos de Inversión de Unicaja Banco

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Realizar suscripciones, traspasos y reembolsos de fondos.

Simplifica y mejora la contratación de tus fondos de inversión

Consultas, documentación legal, etc.

Visualiza los distintos escenarios para tus fondos

De rentabilidades, ratios estadísticos, información legal y gráficos interactivos.

Contracting process an investment fund

Whether you're an individual or a company, you'll be able to sign up for an Investment Fund in less time than it takes to read this. Without moving from your computer. 


You just need a Fund Account with us in addition to being an online banking user. If you're already a customer, but do not have a Digital Banking user account, you can register here


What steps should you take? 


1. Click on the "ENROLL IN INVESTMENT FUND" button in this page. 


2. Use our investment fund finder to tell us what funds you like, find recommended funds or browse the catalogue of funds.


That's all there is to it.



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