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How much can I contribute to my Unit-Linked savings insurance policy?

In this case, one must differentiate between two products:

  • Univida Ahorro Elección, which has no subscription limit, allowing the customer to choose the way of investing which best suits them.
  • Univida Ahorro Elección PIAS has an annual limit of €8,000 and the total amount of the cumulative premiums is of €240,000 per contributor.


Both are savings products with periodic, one-off or extraordinary premiums having a recommended term of at least 3 years, but without a specified term, in which the policyholder assumes the investment risk (Unit-Linked modality). 


The periodic contribution has been set as from €50 a month.


It permits you to choose among several investment baskets in which to invest, allowing you to change your investment basket at any time depending on your return and risk needs, expectations and preferences.

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