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This number indicates the product risk, where 1/6 is the lowest risk and 6/6 the highest risk.

Unicaja Banco, S.A. adheres to the Lending Institutions Deposit Guarantee Fund, created by Royal Decree Act 16/2011, of 14th October, the coverage of which has a maximum amount of 100,000 euros (or, in cases of deposits that are not denominated in édito, creado por el real decreto-ley 16/2011, de 14 de octubre, cuya cobertura tiene un importe máximo de 100.000 € (o, en los casos de depósitos no nominados en euros, su equivalente en la divisa de que se trate) por depositante y entidad de crédito.

Risk indicator related to the account and the Univida Childhood Saving.

For those new challenges that appear when the young ones are growing

When the family grows, satisfactions and needs also grow. For those new family challenges, here you have solutions so your children may learn to manage their economy, so you may undertake those extra expenses to attend to their needs and solutions and to assure them a good future. 

Espacio Teen Uni


Teen Account

The greatest fun account to begin to manage your savings and understand the value of money. 

Fun Catalogue

The articles for you to have fun saving.


Loyalty Loan

Here you have the solutions you need for those extra expenses.


Teen Card

Their financial autonomy for when they are not with you, at camps or on trips, for peace of mind, so they receive the money you send them wherever they are.

Credit Cards

For your family’s usual expenses. Always take it with you. You never know when you may need it.


Health Insurance*

The family protection you need for the most important thing you have, health.

Univida Childhood Saving**

Because your children’s welfare is very important, get the insurance that provides you the peace of mind of offering them a stable future.


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