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Unicaja Banco, S.A. has adhered to a deposit guarantee fund for lending institutions, created by Royal Decree Act 16/2011, of 14th October, with a coverage of the maximum amount of € 100,000 (or, in cases of deposits not denominated in euros, the equivalent in the currency concerned) per depositer and bank.

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TEEN ACCOUNT (for young people aged between 14 and 17 years)

Save for your children's future with a cost-free account

Without expenses or maintenance commissions (1)

Maintaining it does not cost anything and it can provide you a lot.

Without minimum opening amount    

We only need your child to be between 14 and 17 years of age.

Save little by little

Activate a standing order to their Teen Account or make extraordinary deposits.

Total, immediate liquidity

Your money is always available when you need it.

Cuenta Teen de Unicaja Banco

Save for their future

Plan your children's savings

Activate a standing order to make periodic contributions from your account and save to cover your children's expenses.

Encourage their financial education

You can initiate the household's youngest members by encouraging their savings and financial education with the Teen Account.

Request a prior appointment to open a Teen Account

Request a prior appointment at the nearest open branch to open a Teen Account.

Request a prior appointment

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We offer you personalised attention from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday to Saturday (except holidays).

Informative documents

Frequently asked questions about the Teen Account

What happens to the account when the holder turns 18?

When the holder turns 18, the account automatically becomes a Youth Account.


Query all the information about the Youth Account here.

Who can make deposits?

Any person can make deposits into and transfers to the Teen Account.

What do I need to open a Teen Account?

The legal representative, father, mother or guardian must submit the minor's national ID card to open the Teen Account.

Can the minor make transactions?

The minor is not authorised to make any Teen Account transactions.



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