Are you a customer but still don't have your login details?


All you need is Unicaja Banco card.

Greater confidentiality    

Allows you to keep your actual bank details out of the Internet.

Unique and only valid for a limited time    

You can create as many virtual cards as purchases you make.

Manageable through Digital Banking    

You can request one immediately when you make a purchase.

Solicitar tarjeta virtual


Ideal for your online shopping

The Virtual Card acts as a replacement for your real card. You can use it to make online purchases without exposing your bank details on the Internet.

Unique for each purchase

The Virtual Card is no longer valid once its expiration date is reached. There is no charge to your savings account for any unused balance.

Greater security in your online purchases

The transaction charge is made when the merchant makes the transacting binding, usually the same day for domestic merchants.

This is not a physical card

Do not use the Virtual Card if the merchant requires you to physically present it to pick up the purchase. In these cases, you can use Unicaja Banco's Prepaid Card.

Contracting process

Whether you're an individual or a company, you'll be able to activate the Virtual Card in less time than it takes to read this. Without moving from your computer.


You just need to already have a debit or credit card with us in addition to being an online banking user. If you're already a customer, but do not have a Digital Banking user account, you can register here.


What steps should you take?

  1. Click on the “REQUEST VIRTUAL CARD” button on this page and access Digital Banking.
  2. Choose an option: Cards/ Virtual Card Service
  3. Select Request virtual card and choose the Unicaja card that you want to pay with, the purchase amount and the validity date for the Virtual Card. We will give you a card number that you will be able to use for your purchase.


We recommend that you create a Virtual Card for every purchase that you make.


If you need to present the card afterwards to pick up your purchase (for example: tickets to the cinema, shows ...), you will not be able to use a Virtual Card to make the payment. In this case, we offer the Prepaid Card.


Arregla las cuentas con tus amigos al instante. Envía y recibe dinero con tu móvil a tus contactos dados de alta en la aplicación.

Activate your card or block it when you need to in our APP or through Digital Banking. 

Both online and abroad, you can shop conveniently and securely with your Unicaja cards.

Can we help you?

Leave your number and we will get in touch with you.

Call us on 952 076 263 or on 901 246 246

Other means of contacting us.

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