Recomendación de pago con tarjeta de Unicaja Banco

Helping out is in your hands now more than ever

For your own safety and that of others, we recommend paying by card:

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Contribute by following the health authorities’ instructions

Avoid cash payments

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It’s a quick and secure payment method

At this time when cybersecurity is so important

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It’s easier to maintain the recommended social distancing

Using cards and wallets

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We are temporarily increasing the contactless card payment limit from €20 to €50

So you don’t have to enter the PIN

If you're the holder of a credit card, remember that the following services are already available to you:



Thanks to this service, you can defer payment of the purchases you have already made and therefore plan for any expenses that might have arisen during this difficult time better. You can choose to pay at the end of the month or defer it depending on the payment method used for the transaction. This can be a good solution to reorganise your purchases and adjust them to whatever you need.



If you need liquidity in your account, this service provides it to you. It allows you to transfer money from your card's credit to your account, so you can use it for whatever you need. You can therefore have a positive balance in your account to cover any payments that might arise in this situation we are going through and chose the repayment method that suits you best (weekly, end-of-the-month or deferred).

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