Unidúo Mastercard Card

The card that helps you cover unexpected expenses

The first year? Free!

Your Unidúo Card is exempt from any issuance or maintenance fees in the first year. No maintenance fee as from the second year according to terms and conditions (1).

Ideal for extra expenses

Ideal for extra expenses You can choose the instalment that suits you best and change it whenever you need thanks to its revolving payment method flexibility(2).

Unidúo Mastercard Card, totally secure

Make totally secure purchases both abroad and on the Internet with your Unidúo Mastercard Card.

Includes several associated insurance policies (3)

It comes with free travel assistance and accident insurance.

Additional advantages of the Unidúo Mastercard Card

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Enables you to pay with your mobile phone

Have you inadvertently left your wallet at home? Don't worry if you've got your smartphone and your Unidúo Mastercard Card. Just add it to the Unicaja Banco App, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay and you can pay wherever contactless payments are accepted and... It's ready to use!


ATM cash withdrawals

Withdraw the cash you need from the entire ATM network with the Unidúo Mastercard Card. Don't forget that you can find out where the ATMs are located on the Unicaja Banco app.

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Instant Funds Service

Have you ever received an unexpected bill in your account? This service allows you to have enough funds in your account by transferring them from the credit on the Unidúo Mastercard Card.

Unidúo Mastercard Card's related services


Zero-fee cards

Get your card with no fees if you meet several requirements.


Always keep your Unidúo Mastercard set up

You can set up your Unidúo Mastercard on the Digital Banking app: activate it, block it, operate on the Internet and many more options.

Your Unidúo Mastercard Card's deferred payment method

You can pay for the purchases you make in instalments with your Unidúo Mastercard Card thanks to its revolving payment method.. You can choose to repay either a fixed amount each month or a percentage of your debt. The instalment will be charged on the first day of each month.

Contracting process of Unidúo Mastercard Card

To sign up for the Unidúo Mastercard Credit Card, you can go to any Unicaja Banco branch, where we will be delighted to help you.


If you prefer, you can also apply for the Unidúo Mastercard Credit Card by filling out an application form and indicating the branch where you'd like to process it. We will contact you shortly.


Remember that if you have any questions or queries, you can call our customer service team: +34 952 07 62 63.

Terms and Conditions of the Unidúo Mastercard Card

The Unidúo Mastercard Card's main fees


Maintenance fee: €44.00 per year. You don't have to pay this fee if you make purchases and/or mobile phone reloads exceeding €300 in a year. Cancelled transactions or reimbursements do not count. This is also the case if you have joined the Zero-Fee Plan and meet the requirements laid down. Consult the terms of the Zero-Fee Plan.


Credit cash withdrawal fee from ATMs with a Mastercard Credit Card at ATMs:

4.00% (minimum charge of €3.50) of the amount withdrawn, in transactions made at ATMs belonging to Unicaja Banco, S.A.


4.00% (minimum charge of €3.50) plus 100% of whatever the owner of the ATM charges Unicaja Banco for the withdrawal. In other words, a 4.00% fee will be charged (with a minimum charge of €3.50) of the amount withdrawn along with the amount the institution that owns the ATM where the withdrawal is being made charges us for the use of its ATM in Spain (other than Unicaja Banco), the Euro Zone, Sweden and Romania.


5.00% (minimum charge of €5.00) in all other countries. In other words, a 5.00% fee will be charged (with a minimum charge of €5.00) of the amount of cash withdrawn by card from ATMs of institutions that are not in the Eurozone, Sweden or Romania.


Fee for foreign currency transactions other than the euro: 3 % This fee will be applied to the resulting euro countervalue amount of all foreign currency transactions (purchases and cash withdrawals) made with the card according to the exchange rate obtained by the payment systems Mastercard and Visa on the date when the relevant settlement is made.


Mastercard Unidúo Card interest rate


Payment method, any transactions made with the Mastercard Unidúo Card will be accumulated (purchases, cash withdrawals, etc.) and a fixed amount of the credit drawn down may be repaid, which will be settled and repaid monthly on the first day of each calendar month until the amount of the transactions made under this payment method has been fully repaid. Different typical examples of the AER are shown below, which are calculated for cases where no additional credit drawdowns other than the ones indicated are made and the instalment is not changed, using the French amortisation method (constant periodic instalments which include capital and interest) over 48 months:

  • For a credit drawdown using a Mastercard Unidúo Card for a purchase of €1,500 made at a Spanish store on the first day of the current month and amortised in 47 monthly instalments amounting to €44.83 and a final monthly instalment of €44.56. Total amount owed: €2,151.57, of which €651.57 are interest (if you are exempted from paying the credit card's annual maintenance fee). Total cost of credit: €651.57.  APR: 19.00%. AER: 20.74%.
  • For a credit drawdown using a Mastercard Unidúo Card for a purchase of €1,500 made at a Spanish store on the first day of the current month and amortised in 47 monthly instalments amounting to €44.83 and a final monthly instalment of €44.56. Total amount owed: €2,327.57, of which €651.57 are interest. The card maintenance fee of €44 is paid annually through a single payment at the beginning of each yearly period. Due to the existence of this fee, the AER varies depending on the amount and term. Total cost of credit: €827.57.  APR: 19.00%. AER: 27.00%.


The monthly capital repayment amount may never be less than €20. The minimum monthly instalment to be paid will therefore be €20 plus any interest accrued and fees due in the period.

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