Teen Card

Your first card

Are you a client and do not have access codes?

Prepaid card

Ideal for daily expenses, to buy tickets, download videogames, or for when they go to camp.

Comfortable and practical

The balance may be topped up from Digital Banking, at ATMs and branches, so they will never be without money at the moments when they need it most.

Their expenditure under control

At all times, you may know the balance and movements, and also configure their use, even having the option to block it.

Free card (*)

It has no issue or maintenance cost and top-ups are free without a minimum amount.


Their financial independence

For them to choose what they want to buy

They will no longer pester you to download them the videogame they like so much, to order a pizza or get them a cinema ticket. It works the same as any other debit card at ATMs and in stores.

They will always have money with them

When they are away on a trip, when they go to camp or have to take a taxi, you will have peace of mind if any unforeseen expense arises.

Subscription process

You can get the Teen Card quicker than it will take you to read this, without moving from the computer.


All you need is a private account with us, in addition to being a Digital Banking user, and for your child to hold a Teen Account. If you are already a client, but do not have a Digital Bank User name,  you can register now


What steps must you follow?

  1. Press the “APPLY FOR TEEN CARD” button on this page. Read the information and conditions of the contract (you can also download them) and fill in the data we ask you for.
  2. Tell us which account / card will be used for the first top-up and its amount.
  3. Sign the contract with your coordinate card and the security code you will receive on your mobile phone.


From this moment on, you may consult and print the number assigned to the Teen Card by Digital Banking, as well as its characteristics, movements and data.




Maintenance commission: € 0.00 per annum. Free card without issue or maintenance cost.


Fee for debit cash withdrawals made with cards from ATMs:

€ 0 for operations performed at Unicaja Banco, S.A. automated tellers.


100% of the commission for cash withdrawal from ATMs, for operations at the rest of national automatic tellers, Euro Zone, Sweden and Romania. This commission is waived for the first three operations in certain areas and banks. Consult where you can withdraw for free in Spain here.


4.00% (minimum € 3.50) in the rest of countries.


Commission for operating in a currency other than the euro: 3% This commission is calculated on the resulting exchange value in euros of all currency transactions, according to the change obtained by the Payment Systems on the date when the relevant settlement is performed. 


No maintenance fee

Comply with a series of requirements and make your card maintenance fee-free.

Configuration of card use

Activate your card or block it when you need to in our APP or through Digital Banking.

Your cards, secure and under control

Both online and abroad, you can shop easily and securely with your Unicaja cards.

Can we help you?

Leave your number and we will get in touch with you.

Call us on 952 076 263

Other means of contacting us.

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Credit cards

Credit cards

Decide which card best suits your lifestyle.

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Unicaja Mobile App

Unicaja Mobile App

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