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Is my card valid for Internet purchases?

Unicaja Banco cards are valid for making Internet payments at any retail outlets that admit the card's brand (Visa or MasterCard).


In order to be able to use your card to make Internet purchases, it has to be configured to allow said use. You can activate it for this kind of transaction through UniVía (website or app) under Cards/Configuration. 


Although you can use the card's real number, expiry date and CVC2 (three-digit number printed on the back of the card) to make such purchases, we recommend you use a virtual card instead, since you will not have to provide your card's real number. These cards generate a fictitious card number, along with the maximum limit and expiry date you choose (maximum two months). You only have to be a user of our Digital Banking service to benefit from this service. If you later need to show your card to pick up your purchase (for instance, cinema tickets, show tickets, etc.), we inform you that you cannot use a virtual card to make the payment. In these cases, we recommend you use the Unicaja Banco prepaid card instead. 


Cards are also valid at secure retail outlets, which are any that have joined the Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Codes secure payment systems. When making the purchase and paying, an e-commerce retail outlet that has already registered as a secure shop will redirect you to a so-called "secure site", where you will have to enter a security code we will send you to your mobile telephone number. Thus, only you will be able to use your card to make the purchase, and the seller will be sure that the buyer is the card's legitimate holder. You will have had to inform a Unicaja branch of the telephone number to which we send the code.


Further information on Internet purchases

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