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Unicaja Banco, S.A. is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund for Credit Institutions created by Royal Decree-Law 16/2011, of 14 October, covering a maximum amount of €100,000 (or, in the case of deposits not denominated in euros, its equivalent in the relevant currency) per depositor and per credit institution.

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Espacio Joven de Unicaja Banco
Espacio Joven de Unicaja Banco
Espacio Joven de Unicaja Banco

Young | Unicaja Banco

We help you attain the future you had imagined

Up to 35 years

You are young, take advantage of it

At Unicaja Banco we want to help you make your dreams come true: rent a flat, buy your first home, travel, study abroad, start up a business... You are young, benefit from the advantages you have until you're 35.

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Become a Unicaja Banco customer in just 5 steps. Without displacement.

Products designed for you, just for being young

Young Person's Contactless Debit Card

Operate on the Internet and at stores, a card especially designed for people under the age of 28.

  • No issuance

  • Or maintenance fees

  • Valid on the Internet and abroad

Youth Contactless Mastercard Credit Card (1)

A credit card in tune with your pace of life, offering you all the privileges of being young.

  • For people under the age of 28

  • Practical, convenient and secure

  • Flexible payment methods

Digital Banking: web and App Unicaja Banco

Make your day-to-day tasks easier with our Digital Banking service, which is accessible 24 hours a day throughout the year.

  • Operate from anywhere

  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

  • Easy and quick

Financiación de Estudios Unicaja Banco

Financing for studies



You can even get an advance on the money of the grant you have been awarded. So studying is your only concern!

Hipoteca Joven de Unicaja Banco

Are you thinking about moving out of home?

We tell you everything you need to know if are thinking about setting up on your own: expenses to take into account, saving methods, tips, advice and much more.

Read Uni Young Space Blog

Housing: rentals and purchases

Youth Rental Bank Guarantee

If you want to set up on your own or change your home, we offer you a bank guarantee to help you rent out the flat you want (2)

  • It guarantees that you will be able to pay the rent

  • Easy to apply for

Youth Mortgage

Apply for your Youth Mortgage at Unicaja Banco and benefit from special terms and conditions until you are 35. Calculate your repayments instantly (3).

  • Up to 30 years to repay it

  • Finance up to 80% of the home's value

  • Early redemptions from €300

Productos del segmento Joven de Unicaja Banco

And if you get your salary paid directly into Unicaja...

Have your salary paid directly into Unicaja and get access to loans, account overdrafts of up to €300(5), salary advances(1)...

Find out about the Salary Service's advantages

Start up a business! We help you finance your projects

Young Motor Loan

Get the motorcycle or car you dream about under special terms and conditions just for being young (1).

Young Person's Loan

Fulfil your dream with a loan that takes into account the fact that you are young (1).

First Business Loan

Start up your business project with a loan especially tailored to you (1).

The advantages of being young at Unicaja Banco


Free cash withdrawals abroad


We won't charge you any fees for the first three debit cash withdrawals per month made from ATMs abroad with your Youth Debit Card (4).


Valid for operating on the Internet.

Exclusive promotions and discounts.


Mobile payments: if you carry your phone around, you've got money


Add your Unicaja Banco card to your mobile phone and you will be able to pay at any store which accepts contactless payments.


For Android phones: Unicaja Banco app, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

For iPhones: Apple Pay.


Bizum integrated into Digital Banking


Wherever and whenever you want. Operate with Unicaja Banco easily and securely on our Digital Banking service.


UnicajaMóvil app with free notification service.

Bizum integrated.


And if you get your salary paid directly into Unicaja Banco...


Have your salary paid directly into Unicaja Banco and benefit from all the advantages we offer you for doing so:


Special exclusive terms and conditions for financing.

You can arrange an overdraft of up to €300 in your account (5).

Frequently asked questions about banking products for the young

What advantages do I have at Unicaja Banco for being young?

Unicaja Banco has a specific financial offering for people under the age of 35 that suits their needs, as well as direct discounts on card purchases made at stores which have joined the Euro 6000 Privileges discount programme.


Query the stores at https://www.euro6000.com/landings/unicaja-banco


Our telephone support lines are open  

Mon-Sat from 8 am to 10 pm non-stop..

952 076 263

You can also call us  

on 900 151 948

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