Pensioner loan

A loan to help you fulfil your dreams

Apply for up to €30,000 with no minimum amount

Loan* with no minimum amount up to €30,000, provided you have your pension deposited directly into Unicaja Banco.

Up to 5 years to repay your loan

Up to 5 years to repay your loan. provided the borrower's age and the loan term do not add up to more than 75 years.

You can spend it on trips, experiences and much more

Cover unforeseen circumstances or simply enjoy it. You surely have a lot of experiences to live through: a trip, shopping...

Attractive interest rate

The pensioner loan has a nominal annual percentage rate of 7.75% and an AER from 8.955% to 12.105% according to the typical examples(1).  View examples

Préstamos de Unicaja Banco

It's your turn. We want to make your life easier

We process your pensioner loan as quickly as possible and without excessive paperwork.

We will call you

Request a prior appointment at your branch

If you need further information about the personal loan for pensioners, you can request a prior appointment at the nearest open branch.

Frequently asked questions about pensioner loans

What can use my personal loan for?

This kind of loan is aimed at personal needs or consumption, such as financing holidays, refurbishing a home, renewing furniture, purchasing appliances, etc.

Does this pensioner loan need a notary's involvement?

Yes, it does. Loans for pensioners and retirees require executing a notarial deed.

Does the pensioner loan involve any fees?

Yes, it does, a front-end fee of 1.5% (at least €60) and an assessment fee (at least €50).

What documents will I need to apply for a pensioner loan?

Aside from having the pension deposited directly into Unicaja Banco, you must submit a proforma invoice setting out the expenses for which the loan will be used.

What is the maximum age limit to apply for a pensioner loan?

It is a loan for people aged between 60 and 70 years who have their pension deposited directly into their accounts. The borrowers' age plus the loan's term may not exceed 75 years.

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