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Unicaja Banco, S.A. está adherida al fondo de garantía de depósitos de entidades de crédito, creado por el real decreto-ley 16/2011, de 14 de octubre, cuya cobertura tiene un importe máximo de 100.000 € (o, en los casos de depósitos no nominados en euros, su equivalente en la divisa de que se trate) por depositante y entidad de crédito.

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Only those who love the land and its crops know the care those crops need to ensure good harvests. We know this as well, that's why we offer you exclusive financial products and services to make your farm a success.



UniVerde Card

A card* with greater payment flexibility for your professional purchases at participating shops.

Diesel Discount Card

An exclusive card** for professionals in the agricultural sector with greater payment flexibility for refuelling.

UniVerde POS System

A more convenient, secure and immediate way to charge your customers that offers them greater payment flexibility.


Advances on European Union Subsidies

If you have domiciled your subsidies** with us, request an advance on their amount.

Agricultural Financing

Get the financing** you need to improve the productivity of your farm.

Agrarian Credit Account

An exclusive credit account** for the sector you can use to finance the current expenses of your farming operation.


Domiciliation of European Union Subsidies

Domicile your European Union subsidies ** and enjoy the advantages.

Plan Cero Profesional Agro

Vincula la cuenta de tu negocio agrario a Unicaja Banco y no pagues comisiones, cumpliendo condiciones, por los servicios más habituales relacionados con tu actividad.

Unicaja Mobile

Wherever and whenever you want. Work with Unicaja Banco in a fast and secure way through our mobile application.


Agricultural Insurance

Protect your farm and choose the type of insurance*** that best suits your specific needs.

Accident Insurance

An essential insurance policy*** with wide coverage and flexible payment options. No medical history questionnaire.


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