Not only do we think about our families, we form part of them because this situation can be overcome by all of us coming together. Now more than ever, we have set up this section called #WithOurFamilies which allows you to access all the measures, aid and recommendations we've drawn up and devised for you.

moratoria-consumo - alto


Se informa sobre las medidas aprobadas en el  Real Decreto-ley 8/2020, del 17 de marzo de 2020, y publicado en el BOE el 18 de marzo, y en el Real Decreto-ley 11/2020de 31 de marzo, y publicado en el BOE el 1 de abril, que han sido reactivados por el Real Decreto-ley 3/2021 del 2 de febrero y publicado en el BOE el 3 de febrero, con el fin de hacer frente al impacto económico y social del COVID-19 y que recoge los requerimientos para solicitar la moratoria del pago de deuda hipotecaria y no hipotecaria.


Mediante el Real Decreto-ley 3/2021, por el que se adoptan medidas para la reducción de la brecha de género y otros materiales en los ámbitos de Seguridad Social y económico, se extiende el plazo de solicitud y de duración de determinadas moratorias y suspensiones, entre ellas, las establecidas en los reales decretos leyes antes referidos, cuyas solicitudes podrán presentarse hasta el 30/03/2021 (inclusive).


Medida extraordinaria vigente hasta el 30 de marzo de 2021


Más información sobre moratoria legal de préstamos y créditos hipotecarios y no hipotecarios



As a policyholder of a life or accident insurance policy, we inform you that we wish to give you the option of splitting your insurance premium without any surcharges. You have to provide your name and contact telephone number and send us an e-mail to or


Extraordinary measure in effect until june 30, 2021




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Advance payment of unemployment benefit

Advance payment of unemployment benefit

We are bringing forward unemployment benefit payments to 4 June for any customers who have this kind of benefit paid directly into their accounts.

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Digital Banking

Digital Banking

Take advantage of the functionalities and services you can use on your Digital Banking service (website and App), which is accessible 24 hours a day throughout the year.

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Tips to protect yourself from cyberattacks

Tips to protect yourself from cyberattacks

We set out a series of useful tips to keep your computer, tablet or mobile phone protected, as well as some guidelines you should follow to prevent security attacks.

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