What is the Sectoral Deferral?

It is a facility aimed at customers having loans or credits who are undergoing temporary difficulties with regard to their repayments because of the worsening of their economic situation as a result of COVID-19.


It applies to:


a) Any people who fail to meet the requirements to benefit from a Legal Deferral despite having suffered a reduction of income and an erosion in their ability to pay as a result of the COVID-19 health crisis.



b) Any people who meet the requirements laid down for the Legal Deferral (or even those who are benefitting from it) who are also interested in having the Sectoral Deferral applied to them once the term for the Legal Deferral has expired. In such case, they must request both deferrals and, if they have already applied for the Legal Deferral, they must certify it in their request for a Sectoral Deferral.



IMPORTANT NOTE: If the applicant meets the requirements to benefit from the Legal Deferral, the Sectoral Deferral shall not be granted, except where it is requested in addition to the Legal Deferral for its application once the latter's term has expired, as indicated in paragraph b) above.

What does the Sectoral Deferral consist of?

It consists of deferring the part of the loan or credit's capital repayments during the deferral's term, during which time the customer will pay the part corresponding to interest.


The deferral terms under the Sectoral Deferral are as follows:

  • Mortgage loans and credits: up to 12 months (*).
  • Non-mortgage loans and credits: up to 6 months (*).


(*) If the customer has benefitted from the Legal Deferral (which currently has a duration of 3 months), the sum of both deferrals may not exceed the term of 12 months for mortgage loans or credits and 6 months for non-mortgage loans or credits.

Who can request the Sectoral Deferral?

Customers that are natural persons (salaried or self-employed workers) who had not failed to make more than two monthly repayments or instalments of their loans or credits as at 14 March 2020, the date the State of Alarm was decreed in Spain, and who have been economically affected as a result of COVID-19 due to becoming unemployed, having been placed on furlough, having faced a cessation of or a fall in their economic activity or any other equivalent circumstances may request it.

What products does the Sectoral Deferral affect?

The contracts which can benefit from it are the following (entered into before 6 April 2020):

  • Loans or credits backed by a mortgage; and
  • Personal loans or credits.

When can the Sectoral Deferral be requested?

You can request it until 29 September 2020.


You can now submit both your sectoral personal loan deferral request and your sectoral mortgage debt deferral request on our website, thereby avoiding the need to visit a branch. All documents that need to be examined must be submitted.


What documents must be submitted when requesting the Sectoral Deferral?


In general, the following documents must be submitted with the request:


  • Last available personal income tax return.
  • Affidavit of liability in which the applicant declares having been affected by the COVID-19 crisis due to becoming unemployed, having been placed on furlough, suffering a cessation of or a significant fall in their economic activity or any other equivalent circumstances. If the request is made through the form provided by Unicaja Banco, the terms of said affidavit of liability will be included in the request form itself without having to submit the affidavit of liability on a separate document.


Apart from the general documents needed, the following should also be submitted:


If the applicant is a salaried worker:

  • Legal situation of unemployment (if so stated in the affidavit of liability): a certificate issued by the benefits management entity stating the monthly amount received for unemployment benefits or subsidies.
  • Last two pay slips.


If the applicant is a self-employed worker:

  • Last two personal income tax split payment returns filed.
  • Last two VAT returns filed (split payments form 303).
  • Certification of the situation of a cessation of activity (if so stated in the affidavit of liability): a certificate issued by the State Tax Administration Agency (Agencia Estatal de la Administración Tributaria) or, where appropriate, by the regional authority's competent agency based on the cessation of activity statement declared by the interested party.


In addition, to complete the form you must provide us with some basic information about your economic situation (including income, debt details, rent payments and housing expenses) in order to assess fulfilment of the requirements to benefit from this measure and confirm that you have been affected by the crisis caused by COVID-19.

Where can the documents required by the Royal Decree-Law be obtained?

Certificate of unemployment: 
Website of the State Public Employment Service (Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal - SEPE)


Cessation of self-employed workers' activity:
State Tax Administration Agency (Agencia Estatal de la Administración Tributaria) or the regional authority's competent agency.



When can the Sectoral Deferral be obtained?

Once the request and all the relevant documents have been submitted, Unicaja Banco will have a time limit of thirty calendar days to give you a reply.

How will I be notified of the request's outcome?

Once the analysis of your case has been completed, we will send you a message notifying you of the resolution:

  • If your request for a Sectoral Deferral has been approved, you will receive a notification thereof, along with the information needed on the steps to complete it.
  • If your request for a Sectoral Deferral has been rejected, you will be notified thereof, explaining the reasons why it has been rejected.

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