Exactly what is Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and how does it affect me?

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) involves application of new security measures that will make card payments even more safe, as that will be the way we will identify you when you order payments over the counter or on the Internet..


When you pay by card at physical shops, the only thing you will notice is that we may ask you to enter your PIN more often, even for amounts below €20.


For online card purchases, SCA will begin to apply over the coming months and the authentication factors we will ask you for will not be the same as those for face-to-face purchases. When you make purchases online, we will no longer ask you for just the card number and the expiry date. Instead we will ask you for two of the following three kinds of authentication factors:

  • Knowledge:Something that only you know like, for example, your electronic banking password or certain position of your card's PIN. 
  • Possession: Something that only you possess like, for example, our app linked to your smartphone or the mobile phone on which you receive the single-use passwords we send by SMS.
  • Inherent: something you "are", for example, biometric elements such as facial features or a fingerprint.


These new measures have been designed to provide you even more confidence and protection when paying.


Some small changes will make your purchases safer. 


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