SME and Retail Damage Insurance


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Wide coverage (1)

Protect your business's commercial property or other assets against damage.

Damage to third parties

Provides insurance coverage against possible damage to third parties.


Choose the type of insurance according to the size of your company and the risk coverage you need.(2)

Buildings and content

Includes the protection of assets such as your company's premises and contents.

Coverage for SMEs



An insurance policy that covers the risks where industrial activities are carried out or other activities for any type of process, handling or storage.



  • Fire, explosions and lightning.
  • Extinguishing, salvage, demolition and debris expenses.
  • Costs to replace files, forms, models and master copies.
  • Damage to temporarily displaced assets.
  • Damage to third-party assets (subject to inclusion of capital).
  • Costs for surveillance, reconstruction of gardens, professional fees, permits and/or licences.
  • Costs for temporary deprivation of use or inhabitability.
  • Loss of rent.
  • Electricity damage.



  • Coverage extension.
  • Civil Liability.
  • Theft and robbery.
  • Breakages.
  • Loss of profits.
  • Breakdown of machinery, computers and electronic equipment.
  • Transportation.

Coverage for Shops


  • Coverage for the goods included in the building: all or part of the building used for business purposes.
  • Coverage for the goods included in the contents: items and furniture necessary for the normal running of the insured activity; stock or merchandise for sale and assets owned by third parties that are located or handled in the establishment.

COVERAGE (Depends on the insurer)

  • Fire and other damage.
  • Miscellaneous risks.
  • Water damage.
  • Assistance.
  • Legal defence.
  • Civil liability.
  • Optional coverage depending on the type of business.

Contracting process

Take out the SME and Retail Damage Insurance at any of our Unicaja Banco branches, where we will be happy to assist you.


If you prefer, you can also request SME and Retail Damage Insurance by filling out the application form and indicating the branch where you'd like it to be processed at. We will contact you shortly.


Remember that if you have any questions or queries, you can call our customer service team on: +34 952 07 62 24.

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