Add your cards to your mobile phone at no extra cost!


Make purchases and pay in a quicker more secure way.


It's as easy as unlocking your mobile and swiping it at a point of sale.


You can also withdraw money from ATMs using your mobile phone.

How to add your Unicaja Banco cards depending on your mobile phone:


For iPhones

If your device is an Apple device, you just need to add your Unicaja Banco cards to the wallet of your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac computer.


For Samsung phones

In order to pay with your Samsung mobile phone, you can do so directly on the Unicaja Banco app or by adding your cards to the Samsung Pay app.


For other Android phones

If your telephone is an Android phone, you have got several options to pay with your mobile phone: doing so on the Unicaja Banco app or by downloading Google Pay.

Pago móvil con Android de Unicaja Banco

Android mobile payments

Pay at shops using your Android mobile phone

Download the Unicaja Banco app, add your cards and enable your mobile phone's NFC settings. You can now pay at your favourite shop!

Servicio de pago inmediato de Unicaja Banco

Instant payment service

Send a Bizum, it's as easy as messaging

Send and receive money instantly on the Unicaja Banco app just by using your mobile phone. And you'll receive it instantly in your bank account.

Bizum para compras online de Unicaja Banco

Bizum for online purchases

Make your online purchases using Bizum

Pay for your online purchases by entering your mobile telephone number and your Bizum code, without having to enter your account or card number.

App Banca Digital de Unicaja Banco

Haven't you downloaded the Unicaja Banco app yet?

Download the Unicaja Banco app depending on the mobile device you own and benefit from having your online banking service always available.

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Google Play

Frequently asked questions about mobile phone payments

What does paying with your mobile phone mean?

Paying with your mobile is as simple as adding your debit or credit cards to your phone and using them just as you would do with your physical cards. That is to say, you can pay using your mobile phone at any shop that offers contactless payments, without having to take the card out of your pocket.

Do I have to enter my card's PIN to pay with my mobile phone?

It is generally not necessary to enter your card's PIN when paying with your mobile phone. The validation system used is the one you have set for your mobile phone (code, pattern, facial recognition or fingerprint) and is much quicker and more secure.

Can I withdraw money from ATMs without carrying around the card?

Once you have added your cards to make mobile payments, you can also withdraw money by swiping your mobile phone at the contactless ATM reader.


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