Google Pay

Easier payment on your mobile with Google Pay

For Android mobile phones

If you have a device with this operating system, you are completely free to pay at all physical and electronic stores that accept contactless payments or Google Pay.

Easy and fast

You will only have to register your cards, place your device with Google Pay on the PST with the NFC activated and its paid!

Google Pay Tarjetas NFC

Shopping has never been so easy as with Google Pay

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay unifies all the forms of payment you may use with Google for it to be easier to perform your transactions. You only have to add your Unicaja Banco card and begin to pay. Remember that it is very important to have your device on unblocking pattern.

How does Google Pay work?

To know its operation, it is important for you to pay attention to the following points:



How to link your card in Google Pay


  1. Download the Google Pay App.
  2. Select "+" to scan your card and input the data.
  3. If necessary, input the verification code.
  4. Your card is ready to use!


The following video tutorial shows how to do it.



How to pay with Google Pay


  1. Unblock your Android device by a biometric means.
  2. Place it on the PST.
  3. Payment completed!


The following video tutorial shows how to do it.

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