Fixed-Rate Mortgage

The Fixed-Rate Mortgage will give you the peace of mind of always paying the same repayment for your home.

Variable-Rate Mortgage

The Variable-Rate Mortgage allows you to have a monthly repayment that is adapted to you and evolves with the market.

Calculate your repayment

Calculate how much you will pay for your home each month

If you are thinking about buying a home, our mortgage simulator* instantly calculates your monthly repayment. Furthermore, you can request a preliminary appraisal and find out whether your mortgage has been pre-approved without moving from home.

With peace of mind
  • A mortgage adapted to your personal and financial situation
    With the term and amount which best cover your needs
    We will be by your side to make sure everything is easy

Are you looking for better conditions for your mortgage?

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Mortgage subrogation

If you want to bring your mortgage to us, we will look into your specific case to offer you the conditions which suit you.

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Advantageous properties

We place at your disposal a wide selection of properties** with specific financing at advantageous conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions Unicaja Banco Mortgages

What conditions do I have to meet to apply for a mortgage at Unicaja Banco?

You must demonstrate the ability to pay it off through a steady income and a borrowing level below 35%.

What documents have to be submitted to take out a Unicaja Banco mortgage?

  • The last three payslips, an employment contract (if your seniority in the company is less than two years), a social benefits certificate and an employment record report.
  • If you are a businessman, the last personal income tax return, the last income tax split payment receipts and a VAT return.
  • Details of borrowing at other institutions (Bank of Spain Risk Information Centre - CIRBE).
  • Statements of accounts held at other institutions (when the salary, pension or recurrent income and expenses are directly deposited or debited at another institution).
  • Last rental bill paid.
  • And, if you are businessman, a certificate proving payment of self-employed workers' contributions and proof that you are up to date with all tax and social security obligations.
  • Up-to-date registry extracts of the most relevant assets, the property to be mortgaged and its appraisal according to regulation ECO/805/2003.

What taxes do I have to pay in order to take out a mortgage from Unicaja Banco?

The tax associated to the mortgage (Stamp Duty, known as Impuesto de Actos Jurídicos Documentados in Spanish) will be paid entirely by Unicaja Banco. Any taxes related to the sale of the property (Property Transfer Tax or VAT, as appropriate) will be incurred by the customer.

Can I finance expenses as part of the amount to be mortgaged?

The amount that may be financed can additionally include any expenses that are inherent to the mortgage, provided said additional amount does not exceed 10% of the asset's acquisition value as declared in the deed of sale and as long as the mortgage's amount does not exceed 80% of the sale value.


Mortgage loan access guide

Here you can find the information you need to take out a loan for the purchase of a home.

Code of good practice

Here you have access to general information on measures to strengthen the protection of mortgagors.


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