Tu hipoteca 100% online de Unicaja Banco

Your 100% online mortgage

No need to move. Everything can be done from your sofa, except to go at the notary's office, where we'll finally see each other.


Gestor especializado de Unicaja Banco

With a specialised manager

A manager will at your side throughout the process. Furthermore, you will be able to query your application's status at any time.

Papeleo imprescindible de Unicaja Banco

Essential paperwork

You will only have to deal with the essential paperwork with the 100% online mortgage and can send it all online without having to go to any branch.

Oficinas de Unicaja Banco

And what if I prefer going to a branch?

If you prefer not to process your application fully online, you can also apply for this mortgage at a branch.

Find out about our mortgages

Fixed-Rate Mortgage

The 100% Online Fixed-Rate Mortgage will give you the peace of mind of always paying the same repayment for your home.

Variable-Rate Mortgage

The 100% Online Variable-Rate Mortgage allows you to have a monthly repayment that adapts to and evolves with the market.

Youth Mortgage

Are you younger than 35? Find out about your mortgage with special terms and conditions if you are under 35 years of age.

Are you keen on football?

Score a goal when you purchase your home with the Real Madrid Mortgage!

More than 445,000 people like you have already taken out their mortgage at Unicaja Banco.

Promoción 5% de descuento en Ikea con tu hipoteca de Unicaja Banco

You will get a 5% discount at IKEA and a free decoration project with your mortgage.

To give your home a warm welcome once you signed the mortgage, you will benefit from a 5% discount for any purchases exceeding €80, excluding decorating advice, assembly, transport and installation services. In addition to the 5% discount, you have a free decoration project at your disposal for any purchases exceeding €1,500.

How does the 100% online mortgage work?


It's easy, involves only 4 steps and you'll always be accompanied. We will guide you throughout the entire process and you will always have updated information on your application's status. You only have to follow the steps to apply for your personalised 100% online mortgage.



Calculate your home's monthly repayment amount and choose the mortgage that best suits your needs on the simulator: fixed or variable-rate.



Inform us of your personal details and submit the essential documents to assess your 100% online mortgage application.



If everything is in order, your 100% online mortgage will be approved and you will only have to read and sign the legal documents electronically.



You can choose the notary's office you prefer in Spain. We will then send them the documents. And enjoy your new home!

Download the detailed guide on the steps to apply for your mortgage

Would you prefer a branch?

No problem, we will be happy to attend you.

Frequently asked questions about 100% online mortgage

How can I know which kind of mortgage is the most suitable for me?

Once you have simulated your mortgage repayments, you can obtain a personalised assessment by commencing the online application process. You can choose between a fixed or a variable-rate mortgage:

  • 100% Online Fixed-Rate Mortgage: You will have the peace of mind of knowing the repayments you will pay throughout the life of the loan, since the interest rate is fixed and not subject to any variations in the reference indices.
  • 100% Online Variable-Rate Mortgage: The repayment amount is calculated by taking into account the reference index (usually the one-year Euribor rate) and the agreed differential. Since the reference index fluctuates, the repayment amount will be reviewed on a half-yearly basis and will consequently vary.

If I need any help with any step, can I count on my manager?

You can get in touch with your manager at any time, who will know the details of your mortgage application and can give you all the help you need.

What has to be done to apply for a Unicaja Banco 100% online mortgage?

It's very easy. Once you have found the home you would like to buy, calculate the monthly repayment amount you will have to pay for it on our mortgage simulator. Then request a personalised assessment of your online mortgage, submitting your details and the documents we will ask you for. If everything is in order and we approve your application, we will open an account at Unicaja Banco to make direct debits of the repayments and we will sign the mortgage at the notary's office of your choice.  Everything is 100% online right up to the signing!

For what kind of home can I apply for a Unicaja Banco 100% online mortgage?

Applications for our mortgages can be made to finance the purchase of any home, whether it is your main residence or not, as well as to make home improvements and transfer the mortgage you currently have at another institution to Unicaja Banco.


Mortgage loan access guide

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Code of good practice

Here you have access to general information on measures to strengthen the protection of mortgagors.

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