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At Unicaja Banco we offer a broad range of mortgages depending on your characteristics to make sure you'll always find the mortgage you need, regardless of whether you are young, a civil servant, a salaried employee or a high-income earner... Choose the mortgage that best suits your needs, variable or fixed-rate mortgage.


Up to 30 years to pay back the mortgage

You have repayment term of up to 30 years to repay your Variable-Rate Mortgage in convenient monthly repayments (25 years if you are financing a second home). Under no circumstances may the sum of the holder's age and the mortgage's term exceed 70 years.


Get up to 80% of your home's value

You can finance up to 80% of the property's value if it is your main residence and up to 70% for the purchase of a second residence. The value that will be taken into account to take out your Variable-Rate Mortgage will be the lesser of the home's market price and its appraisal value.


Make partial early repayments as from €300

You can make as many partial early repayments as you wish as from €300 and decide whether you prefer to lower your repayments or the number of monthly repayments. You additionally have the possibility of benefitting from a two-year grace period, so that you do not make any principal repayments during this period.

Simulate mortgage

Simulator: calculate your variable-rate mortgage's repayment

If you are thinking about buying a home, calculate your Variable-Rate Mortgage's* monthly repayment and associated costs using the Unicaja Banco simulator. Furthermore, you can request a preliminary appraisal and find out whether your mortgage has been pre-approved without moving from home.

And if you are under 35 years of age, find out about the youth mortgage



Hipoteca joven 25 años a tipo fijo Unicaja Banco

Find out about more advantages of your Variable-Rate Mortgage

You will have more advantages with your Variable-Rate Mortgage if you subscribe Unicaja Banco products and services, like:

  • Directly deposited salaries, directly debited bills or card consumption.
  • Home, life or temporary incapacity/unemployment insurance**.
  • Health and car insurance or any other kind of insurance you may need**.
  • Contributions to pension plans or investment funds.



Apply for a Unicaja Banco Variable-Rate Mortgage

Frequently Asked Questions Unicaja Banco Variable-Rate Mortgage

What requirements must I meet to apply for a Variable-Rate Mortgage?

This mortgage is solely meant for the purchase of a home by natural persons residing in Spain who have income or wealth in euros. It is also necessary to subscribe a current account at Unicaja Banco, as well as an indemnity insurance policy that covers any possible contingencies the home may suffer. Furthermore, granting is subject to the institution's criteria after having conducted a risk viability study.

What documents will I need to apply for a Variable-Rate Mortgage?

  • The last three payslips, an employment contract (if your seniority in the company is less than two years), a social benefits certificate and an employment record report.
  • If you are a businessman, the last personal income tax return, the last income tax split payment receipts and a VAT return.
  • Details of borrowing at other institutions (Bank of Spain Risk Information Centre - CIRBE).
  • Statements of accounts held at other institutions (when the salary, pension or recurrent income and expenses are directly deposited or debited at another institution).
  • Last rental bill paid.
  • And, if you are businessman, a certificate proving payment of self-employed workers' contributions and proof that you are up to date with all tax and social security obligations.
  • Up-to-date registry extracts of the most relevant assets, the property to be mortgaged and its appraisal according to regulation ECO/805/2003.

Is there an age limit for granting a Variable-Rate Mortgage?

The variable-rate mortgage holder's age and the repayment term cannot add up to more than 75 years for the first residence or 70 years for the second residence (if there is more than one holder, the age of the older holder will be taken into account).

Can early repayments of the Unicaja Banco Variable-Rate Mortgage be made?

Yes, they can. You can make as many early repayments as you wish as from €300. You can also fully redeem the Variable-Rate Mortgage. If a financial loss for Unicaja Banco comes about when the redemption is made, you will have to pay compensation with a maximum limit of 0.25% of the principal repaid early during the first three years and of 0% after that.

How do I know whether the Variable-Rate Mortgage interests me more than the Unicaja Banco Fixed-Rate Mortgage?

The Fixed-Rate Mortgage gives you the peace of mind of always paying the same repayment. It is a mortgage that does not depend on the evolution of market rates.


The interest rate is not fixed in the Variable-Rate Mortgage. Instead, it depends on the Euribor's value at each review plus a differential. The Euribor is an official index of the Euro Zone. It varies monthly, which is why the interest rate to be applied to the mortgage each year will be that value plus the differential you have agreed to.

Am I obliged to take out home insurance if I subscribe a Variable-Rate Mortgage?

It is necessary to take out at least basic indemnity insurance to make sure that the mortgaged asset, which in this case is the home, is protected against any contingency.

Pre-contractual information variable rate mortgage

By virtue of the terms foreseen in Act 5/2019, of 15th March, that regulates real estate credit agreements, as well as Order EHA/2899/2011, of 28th October, on transparency and protection of the banking service client, Unicaja Banco makes the following available to you:


- The Pre-contractual Information File (FIPRE), the purpose of which is to provide clear and sufficient information as a guideline on the mortgage loans offered by the Bank; and


- The General Conditions used by Unicaja Banco in the contracts are included in the scope of application of said Act 5/2019


General conditions:

- General conditions of the loan agreement in Euros at a variable rate with mortgage guarantee.

- General conditions of the loan agreement in Euros with mortgage guarantee at variable rate intended for self-build.

General conditions of the loan agreement with mortgage guarantee Subrogation of promoter.


To obtain the PRE-CONTRACTUAL INFORMATION, let us know the location, guarantee and purpose of the mortgage loan that will allow calculation of the maximum financing percentage.

Para la  comunidad autónoma  de Andalucía, según la ley 3/16, de 9 de Junio, publicada en el BOJA de 16 de Junio, para la protección de los derechos de las personas  consumidoras y usuarias en la contratación de préstamos y créditos hipotecarios sobre la vivienda, Unicaja Banco pone a su disposición, además del FIPRE los siguientes documentos:

  • IDEP (Índice de de Documentos de Entrega Preceptiva)
  • DIPREC (Documento de Información Precontractual Complementaria)

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You must choose an option

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