Send money to your friends, relatives and contacts instantly from your mobile telephone

Are you a client and do not have access codes?

Send money from mobile to mobile

Select the contact from your address book or input a telephone number, and choose the amount you want to send or receive. It’s that easy, without needing to know their bank account.

Free, easy, fast

Transfer money from one account to another instantly, with no costs at all.

To any bank

Send and receive money from any bank that collaborates with Bizum to other users registered in the application, with no cost.


Backed by our security systems through banking channels.


We have integrated Bizum into the new app

You can now make immediate payments directly on the new Unicaja Banco app.


Download the Unicaja Banco app from Apple Store


Download the Unicaja Banco app from Google Play



Enhances the user experience

You have all the services offered by Digital Banking at your disposal on a single app.


Online store payments

Pay for your purchases easily and get them charged directly to your account at shops that have Bizum available.


New functionalities

You can now Bizum several people at the same time.


Send donations to NGOs

Access the NGOs available to send them a donation. Find your favourite NGO using the easy-to-use search engine.

How to pay or charge at an official lottery outlet using Bizum


Download the Unicaja Banco app and access Menu > Bizum > Generate QR code


Show the QR code to a member of the outlet's staff for them to scan it


Confirm the payment transaction on the Unicaja Banco app itself. If it is to collect a prize, you won't have to validate anything

Bizum App Unipay Bizum App Unipay

Payments from mobile to mobile

It is increasingly more possible to do more things from your mobile. You can now send money between mobile phones immediately.

Bizum send money

Has a friend paid for a round of drinks? Pay for your share, Bizum them.

Multiple Bizum

Have you bought a gift among several friends? Ask each of them to pay what they owe you. Request a Bizum. Request money from several people at the same time.

Bizum request money

Was it your turn to pay? Request and receive money from your friends.

Con UniPay podrás donar a las ONG al instante Con UniPay podrás donar a las ONG al instante

Supporting NGOs will become easier

You will be able to make instant donations to NGOs

There are many charitable causes and campaigns you can collaborate with. If you want to help out those who need it most immediately, you can do so. Choose the organisation, enter the identifier of the campaign it has activated, the amount you wish to donate, and it's done! You can query NGO identification codes here.

Have you not tried it yet? Do it now!



Digital Banking

Access your Unicaja Banco accounts and products by computer. The perfect tool to manage your day-to-day finances.


Mobile Banking

Immediate access to your Unicaja Banco accounts and products. Consult and perform banking operations wherever you are.

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Unicaja Mobile App

Unicaja Mobile App

Wherever and whenever you want. Work with Unicaja Banco in a fast and secure way through our mobile application.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay

With Apple Pay you can easily pay with your EURO 6000 card from Unicaja Banco through any Apple device.

See Apple Pay
Android Mobile Payment

Android Mobile Payment

You can use Unicaja Banco Android Mobile Payment to pay in any shop, just with your mobile phone, without needing a card.

See Android Mobile Payment

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