There are multiple payment solutions for every situation

Instant funds

Cope with the unexpected by increasing your savings account balance with your card credit. An easy, instant service.

  • Simple and practical
  • Instant transfer to your account
  • How and when you need it
  • No quantity limits

Defer your purchases

Take advantage of our different options to pay for your purchases.

  • A great deal of financing flexibility

  • Available for cardholder customers

  • Easy and convenient with Defer your Purchase

  • Easy payments with FlexiPurchase

Credit Card Replacement Service

You can now replace the charges debited to your accounts with your credit card on the Digital Banking Service.

  • Easy, convenient and useful.

  • No minimum amount.

  • You choose how to pay depending on your card.

  • Immediate transfer.

Plazox for Individuals

With plazox, split payment for your purchases instantly when you pay with your credit card in physical stores and online.

  • For purchases over €60

  • Instalments over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months

  • No hassle, no paperwork

  • Instantly and with just one click

Bill and tax payment

Look up and pay your municipal taxes conveniently from home through Digital Banking.

  • Online payments whether you're a customer or not

  • Through Digital Banking

unicaja BANCO is also

Digital Banking

Your branch, online. Consult and carry out all your banking operations without opening times or queues.

Mobile banking

Your Unicaja accounts and products always at hand. Anytime, anywhere.

ATM and branch network

There's always a Unicaja branch and/or an ATM near you for your banking needs.


Our telephone support lines are open  

Mon-Sat from 8 am to 10 pm non-stop.

900 151 948

You can also call us  

on 952 076 263

ATMs and Branches

Find your nearest ATM or Branch.

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