PSD2 Purchase Regulations

We consider your confidence is as important as your security

Are you a customer and don't have login details?

Now, more than ever, your security is fundamental

Due to this, as of 14th September, the new European payment regulations come into force, the objects of which are to facilitate and improve security in use of payment systems, both presence-based as well as online, as well as to promote innovation.

The way you shop has changed

Millions of people worldwide shop every minute. Paying for anything with a card or mobile phone is normal. 

This new regulation sets up Strong Customer Authentication, a security system based on 3 identification security elements


Something you know

Such as your PIN


Something you have

Like your mobile phone or card


Something you are

Like your fingerprint or facial features



The digital economy grows, and the way people shop does to: mobile telephones, computers, tablets and even voice assistants, are used to shop every day.

Due to the growing volume of such purchases, it is necessary to increase the security elements requested to verify that the card holder is really who they say they are. Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) has the objective, among other matters, of improving presence-based transaction security and online payments through Strong Customer Authentication.


Some small changes will allow you to operate with much greater security

When you pay over the Internet, we may perhaps ask you for additional security measures such as a single use code or facial recognition. And when you pay in shops, you may be asked for your PIN more frequently in different transactions, even for amounts under € 20. It is thus as well as important for us to have your mobile telephone up to date, in addition to you using our Digital Banking and the Unicaja Banco App.

Consumer rights to make payments in the European Union



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