Health insurance for the entire family

Benefit from a great health insurance policy with a 30% discount as from €149.76 a month for a family comprised of three insured parties (€49.92 per member)³.


Extraordinary team of doctors

With the best professionals, including all specialities, emergencies and hospitalisation.


First ten co-payments free of charge⁴

You won't pay anything for the first ten medical services per insured party and the rest at a reduced cost.


Dental supplement at no extra cost

Includes 20 basic services free of charge and agreed maximum prices for the rest of treatments provided.

Seguro de salud con coberturas para toda la familia de Unicaja Banco

Health insurance with coverage for the entire family

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    Primary healthcare: general medicine, paediatrics, nursing, hospital and home emergencies.

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    Hospitalisation with no time limit: medical and surgical admissions, ICU, maternity care, paediatrics, psychiatry (limited to 60 days).

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    All specialities: gynaecology, dermatology, endocrinology, orthopaedics, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, ophthalmology, podiatry, etc.

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    Usual diagnostic tests: clinical tests, X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, ultrasound scans, etc.

Benefit from the irresistible advantages offered by your health insurance


50% reimbursement of your bills

We will reimburse you up to €100 of your optician expenses and €100 of you pharmacy and child vaccine expenses⁵.


Emotional well-being programme

Based on caring for the mind and emotions through a variety of mindfulness and emotional intelligence courses⁶.


Gift voucher worth €100 for dental treatment

We give you a dental treatment gift voucher worth up to €100 which can be exchanged for orthodontics, implants and dentures, or €30 for other kinds of treatment⁷.


Selfie Health Service

An exclusive digital service that will allow our customers to obtain health indicators in a complete, quick, autonomous and simple way. In just 30 seconds through simple facial monitoring on a mobile phone⁸.

Take out your health insurance at Unicaja

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Frequently asked questions about Comprehensive Health Insurance

What grace period does the health insurance marketed by Unicaja have?

If the customer comes from another insurance company and has a product having similar coverage for at least a year, the exclusion periods may be eliminated and only the exclusion period for childbirth and assisted reproduction will be maintained, presenting policy and the last paid receipt..  


Otherwise, the exclusion period would be as follows depending on the medical services:


6-month exclusion period for:

• Family planning.

• Surgical operations and hospital admissions (except for cases of vital urgency).

• Oncology, cardiovascular, lithotripsy and dialysis treatments.


10-month exclusion period for:

• Childbirth/caesarean section assistance.

• Postpartum pelvic floor rehabilitation, provided it is requested within six months after vaginal delivery.

• Postpartum, online, comfortably from your home.


24-month exclusion period for:

• Assisted reproduction, both members of the couple.

Can I take out the health insurance if I have a pre-exiting health condition?

Before taking out the policy, a medical questionnaire must be completed by each insured party who applies for health insurance coverage.


After the medical questionnaire is studied, it may be the case that some injuries, pathologies or diseases suffered prior to the insurance policy being taken out will not be covered by the policy and may even result in the insured party's rejection.



Three options may come about after it is studied:

  • Insured: you can make use of the all the medical specialities and diagnostic tests included under the insurance policy.
  • Insured with exclusion of some pathologies: you can benefit from private health insurance, except for any pathologies you already had at the time the policy was taken out.
  • Rejection as an insured party.

Does the health insurance involve co-payments?

The first ten medical services provided per insured party and year are free of charge. The rest involve a reduced copayment.

What is the maximum age limit to take out the health insurance?

The maximum age for taking out the health insurance is 69 years of age, with no age limit for permanence.

Can I take out the health insurance marketed by Unicaja if I am pregnant?

Yes, you can take it out, though you must take into account that the policy you subscribe has a 10-month exclusion period for childbirth assistance coverage.

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