Investment funds and portfolios

Seek opportunities for your savings

Investment funds

You decide in what and how to invest from among over 100 investment funds. Search by return, foreign currency, category or geographic area.

  • You decide in what and how to invest

  • Withdraw your investment at any time (1) 

  • No subscription fees

  • With tax benefits (2)

Discretionary Portfolio Management

You can now delegate the management of your assets to the hands of experts (3), who tailor the investment fund portfolio to your risk profile.

  • Your assets are in good hands

  • A portfolio suited to your profile

  • Active flexible management

  • Constant information on your investment


Socially Responsible Funds

Aside from looking for an investment fund that fits in with your expectations of returns, you can find one that is committed to improving the environment.

  • Socially Responsible Investment

  • Committed to the environment

  • Under social criteria

  • Manage your fund on the Digital Banking service

Investment fund transfer

Transfer your investment to the fund which best suits your goals from among the funds of the same or a different management company.

  • Funds suited to your profile

  • Transfer an entire fund

  • Or just some fund units

  • Taxes are only payable upon redemption(2)

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