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Gestión Discrecional de Carteras de Unicaja Banco

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Benefitting from a wealth management service tailored to your profile is now within your reach. Find out about our Discretionary Portfolio Management** service that allows you to have access to flexible active management of your investments.

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An investment fund is a product made up of the contributions made by numerous unit holders. Its equity is managed by a fund management firm. The fund can invest in wide variety of:


- Financial assets (currencies, shares, bonds, etc.)

- Non-financial assets (real estate, raw materials, etc.)


More about what an investment fund is.

Subscribing an investment fund through Digital Banking is very easy. You only need to have a fund account beforehand, where all your subscription and redemption transactions will be displayed.


Find out more about how to subscribe an investment fund.

You can transfer entire investment funds or just a specific number of units, which will maintain their date and acquisition value. The capital thus transferred will not be subject to taxation and will only be taxed at the time of effective sale.


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Further information on how to transfer an investment fund.

The transfer of investment fund units is dealt with as a capital gain or loss for tax purposes, using the amount resulting from:


Change in equity = (Sale value) - (Acquisition value)


Further information on the taxation of an Investment fund.


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Fondos de Inversión Socialmente Responsables

Investing is now good for the environment

Find out about our Socially Responsible Investment Fund

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MIFID Policies

In this section you can access the different policies adopted by Unicaja Banco to offer you the most appropriate protection within the framework of the new regulations on financial instruments markets, as well as information on them. 

Contracting process an investment fund

Regardless of whether you are an individual or a company, you can easily subscribe an investment fund wherever you may be.


What do you need beforehand in order to subscribe your investment fund through us?

  • Have a fund account.
  • Be a user of electronic banking.


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Steps to subscribe an investment fund through Unicaja Banco


It is very simple. You can subscribe your fund in just two steps:

  1. Subscribe your investment fund. You can do it from here or by logging in from the button you can find at the top of this page.
  2. Select the investment fund you are most interested in either from the fund catalogue or by using the fund search engine directly.

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