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The investment fund's risk indicator

Category "1" does not mean that the investment is risk-free.

This information is indicative of the fund's risk level. Nonetheless, it might not be a reliable indication of its future risk profile. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the category thus indicated will remain unchanged and it may vary over time.

Why is it in this category? This category is justified by high exposure (30%-75%) to variable-income securities, exposure to fixed-income securities without a predetermined rating or duration and potential exposure to foreign currency risks.

Socially Responsible Investment Fund

Investing is now good for the environment

Responsible investment

In companies that prevent pollution, have implemented proper waste management, have non-discriminatory employment practices and take part in the development of deprived regions.

Exclusion criteria

A fund which does not invest in companies that harm the environment, finance the arms trade or violate human dignity.


Manage your investment funds more quickly using our Digital Banking service.

Tax benefits*

Pay taxes only when you redeem your investment fund.

Our socially responsible fund is based on the following pillars:



Funds committed to natural resources, environmental opportunities, waste management or combatting climate change.


Social Criteria

Ranging from promoting respect for human rights, gender equality, decent work and workers' development to fostering literacy policies.


Corporate Governance

Companies that behave in a responsible manner.

MiFID Policies

The different policies set by Unicaja Banco to offer you the most suitable protection within the framework of the new legislation on financial instrument markets, along with information on them, can be found in this section.

Investment fund subscription process

Regardless of whether you are an individual or a company, you can subscribe an investment fund without moving from your computer.


Aside from being a user of the electronic banking service, you just need to have a fund account. If you are already a customer but do not have a Digital Banking username, you can register here.


What steps do you have to follow?


1. Press the "SUBSCRIBE INVESTMENT FUND" button on this page.  


2. Tell us which funds interest you by using the Fund Search Engine, the recommended funds or query the fund catalogue directly.


That's all.

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