Discretionary Portfolio Management Contract

Delegate investing your wealth to experts

Your wealth in good hands

Unicorp Patrimonio S.V.'s experts design a diversified strategy that can detect investment opportunities.

A portfolio adapted to your profile

We offer four portfolio models that adapt to your investor profile, ranging from lower to higher risk.

Flexible active management

We adapt the investment strategy to rapid market changes, seeking to find the best investment opportunity.

With tax benefits*

Portfolio management offers the tax benefit of only having to pay taxes once the investment is redeemed.

Subscribe the Discretionary Portfolio Management service online by following these steps


Do the suitability test

We will conduct a suitability test on you. Select the answers that will help us define your investor profile, allowing you to know it.


Select your model portfolio

On the basis of the test's result, you will be able to choose the portfolio which best suits your investor profile and know whether the service suits you.


Make your first contribution

The initial contribution must be at least 20,000 euros and can be made from the liquidity account or by transferring an investment fund, which can either be an internal (Unicaja) or external fund (from another institution).


Sign the contract

Have your coordinates card and your mobile telephone at hand. Once you have entered the coordinate requested, you will receive an SMS with your security code.

Advantages of Discretionary Portfolio Management

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Efficient management: our experts invest for you

Unicorp Patrimonio S.V.'s experts decide which funds are the best to invest in at any given time.


Diversification as a strategy

Discretionary Portfolio Management is based on designing a diversified portfolio comprised of assets from different sectors, areas, currencies...

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Redeem your investment at any time

The Discretionary Portfolio Management service allows you to redeem your investment at the time you deem most appropriate.

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Transparency concerning your portfolio's evolution

We inform you periodically and transparently about how your portfolio and associated expenses are evolving.

The peace of mind of knowing that your wealth is in good hands

Subscribe entirely online Discretionary Portfolio Management and delegate your wealth to investors.

Frequently Asked Questions about Discretionary Portfolio Management

What is the risk level of Discretionary Portfolio Management?

The risk level depends on the portfolio model which the customer subscribes. More specifically, four portfolio models have been established from lower to higher risk depending on the customer's profile:

  • Conservative Portfolio
  • Moderate Portfolio
  • Dynamic Portfolio
  • Aggressive Portfolio

How much does it cost to delegate a portfolio's management?

A quarterly fee on the average wealth managed for the portfolio management service and an annual fee on the returns obtained are charged. Query the fee percentages in  item 20 of Fee Schedule.



What tax advantages does Discretionary Portfolio Management offer?

Since it consists of investment fund management, the tax which applies to it is identical to this kind of product, which is only taxed when a redemption is made and not while an investment is maintained in a fund or when it is transferred to another fund (only for resident natural persons).

What is the minimum subscription amount?

The minimum subscription amount is €20,000.  Once said amount has been exceeded, any successive contributions are not subject to a stipulated minimum amount.

How do I know which portfolio is mine?

You can choose a portfolio model on the basis of the risk profile you have been assigned by the suitability test.

Subscribe Discretionary Portfolio Management

The different policies set by Unicaja to offer you the most suitable protection within the framework of the new legislation on financial instrument markets, along with information on them, can be found in this section.

Engagement Policy

Unicaja does not have its own engagement policy. This is due to the nature of the investments in its discretionary management service, through which no direct investments in companies are made. Moreover, customers delegating voting rights is not envisaged in discretionary management contracts.

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