Android Mobile Payment

Pay with your Android mobile phone in shops. The comfort of carrying your card in your mobile and paying in shops

Comfortable and simple. How does it work?

Download the Unicaja App, add your cards and activate the NFC on your mobile. You can now pay in your favourite shop!

You can use any of your cards

Add your cards and select one of them as a favourite to make your payments. You may change it at any time to shop from your APP.

Withdraw cash from ATMs using your mobile phone

You can make cash withdrawals from contactless ATMs using your mobile phone as if it were your card. You just have to swipe it like you do with your card.

Instantaneous with each purchase

Unblock your mobile and place it near the dataphone. You have just paid at your favourite shop. It is that easy!

How to register cards

Seleccionar Tarjeta de Pago - Unicaja Móvil App

Select your card

Configura el PIN de tu tarjeta - Unicaja Móvil App

Set the payment PIN

Disfruta pagando con tu tarjeta en el móvil - Unicaja Móvil App

Benefit from paying with your mobile phone

Unipay pagos Unipay pagos


Have you changed wallet and you are not carrying your card? No problem. You will surely have your mobile phone.

It is increasingly possible to do more day-to-day actions using your mobile phone. If you have an Android mobile phone, you can pay at stores using our Unicaja app. You can thus make the purchases you need conveniently and quickly, even when you don't have your wallet with you.

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