Agricultural and Livestock Holding Insurance

Protect the fruit of your efforts with the Agricultural and Livestock Insurance

Tailored coverage

Agricultural insurance(1) designed to cover agricultural and livestock holdings and their adjoining premises.

Insurable assets

Insure your holding, livestock, farming tools, merchandise and home on the holding.

Extensive coverage

Includes the most extensive coverage for each type of activity, regardless of whether it is an agricultural, livestock or mixed holding.

Split the payment

The policy's net annual premium may be split into half-yearly or quarterly payments.

Seguros Explotaciones Agropecuarias de Unicaja Banco

Agricultural and Livestock Holding Insurance coverage

Agricultural and Livestock Insurance's main coverage

  • Third-party liability arising from animals.
  • The holding's loss of profits.
  • Breakdown of machinery, including milking machines.
  • Damages and theft of field assets, irrigation equipment, including any assets outside the insured facilities, straw haystacks and dry fodder.
  • Livestock Insurance. Covers death or mandatory slaughter as a result of accidents, disease, animal attacks, etc. Also includes subsequent removal and destruction of the carcasses.
  • Theft and death of the livestock, with coverage for vermin attacks.
  • Tools, stock and machinery (irrigation pumps, engines, transformers, accessories and spare parts).
  • The insured party's home on the holding.



In addition, all the agricultural or livestock holding's assets can be included in this product, such as:

  • Motor vehicles.
  • Livestock depending on the type of livestock holding (live animals).
  • Field irrigation equipment (outside the insured facilities).

Agricultural and Livestock Holding Insurance subscription process

You can go to any Unicaja branch to apply for Agricultural and Livestock Holding Insurance, where we will be delighted to help you out.



If you prefer, you can also apply for Agricultural and Livestock Holding Insurance by filling in the application form and indicating the branch where you would like it to be processed. We will then get in touch with you shortly.



If you have any doubts, remember that you can call our Customer Service Department at +34 952 07 62 24.

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