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This number is indicative of the risk of the product, with 1/6 indicating low risk and 6/6 high risk.

Unicaja Banco, S.A. is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund for Credit Institutions created by Royal Decree-Law 16/2011, of 14 October, covering a maximum amount of €100,000 (or, in the case of deposits not denominated in euros, the equivalent in the relevant currency) per depositor and credit institution.

Risk score related to the account

Remuneración Mensual de Unicaja Banco

Monthly remuneration¹

AER in the first year: 1.00% and 2.01% if you directly deposit your salary. AER in subsequent years: 0.50%. The daily maximum balance to be remunerated will be €30,000.

Cuenta online SIN comisiones de Unicaja Banco

No fees and no permanence requirement²

No maintenance or administration fees, not even for making ordinary wire transfers.

Cashback de recibos de Unicaja Banco

Cashback on your bills³

Get up to €100 a year. If you get your salary directly deposited into your account, we reimburse you 1% of your main bills (water, electricity and telecommunications).

Privilegios únicos en Unicaja Banco

IKEA, MásMóvil, SICOR Alarms...

Our customers are entitled to unique privileges

Open your online account and enjoy discounts and sensational privileges at IKEA, Másmóvil, Yoigo, SICOR Alarms... You can even purchase an electric vehicle at a discount without waiting for delivery time scales.


Thanks to our agreements, you can get significant discounts on your Internet, mobile phone, alarm, etc. bills.

Tarjeta Débito SIN de Unicaja Banco

FEE-FREE Debit Card

Your online account comes with a debit card that is free from any issuance or maintenance fees which allows you to make your day-to-day purchases and withdraw debit cash from over 14,000 Unicaja Banco ATMs⁴.


In addition, our card forms part of the Euro6000 Privileges programme that grants you access to instant discounts at more than 6,000 stores.

Banca Digital de Unicaja Banco

You'll love our Digital Banking service

Because it is easy-to-use, secure and facilitates day-to-day tasks, such as sending a Bizum, paying at shops, making a transfer, etc.


All this can be done on your mobile phone or computer and is always at your disposal.

Join more than 4 million customers

Grab this chance and open an online account brimming with benefits that is free from any fees and which you can only open online in just a few minutes.

Cuenta Online SIN Remunerada de Unicaja Banco

We'll give you a few examples

Online Account directly depositing my salary


Anna has a salary of €1,300 a month directly deposited into her account and a daily balance in her FEE-FREE Online Account of €30,000 for two years. In the first year, she receives a remuneration of 2% on a month-to-month basis: €50 a month. Her remuneration will be 0.5% as from the second year: €12.5 a month.


Online Account without directly depositing a salary


John maintains a daily balance in his FEE-FREE Online Account of €30,000 for two years but has not had his salary deposited directly into his account. In the first year, he receives a remuneration of 1% on a month-to-month basis: €25 a month. He will receive a remuneration of 0.5% as from the second year: €12.5 a month.


Free account transfer service

We will take care of transferring your standing orders, incoming periodic transfers and direct debits (directly debited bills) at another institution in Spain to your Unicaja Banco account.


We take charge of it all, ranging from salary and pension payments to bills for basic services, taxes, rental payments and insurance premiums.


Open your online account at our bank, become a customer and benefit from the account transfer service, which is totally free.


Enjoy a hassle-free transition!


Connect to your banks

Did you know that you can query your other banks on the Unicaja Banco Digital Banking service?


Our innovative financial aggregator allows you to manage and query your accounts from Unicaja Banco as if you were at your other banks.


Simply connect them through our Digital Banking service and view all your finances from a single place without having to access each bank separately. Moreover, this service is completely free.

Open an online account that gives you everything and does not ask you for anything in return

What do I need to open an Online Account?

Have your identity document and the documents justifying the origin of your income like, for instance, a payslip at hand.


Your identity document

Have your ID card or passport at hand. We will need to take a photograph of both sides of the document to validate your identity.


Your mobile telephone

Any device equipped with a camera will do. It is preferable to use a mobile phone because the quality of the image is better.


Your e-mail address

We will send you several notices to your e-mail address. To complete the validation process, you will have to accept them.

How do I subscribe the Remunerated FEE-FREE Online Account?

The Unicaja Banco Remunerated FEE-FREE Online Account is only for new customers. Opening it is very easy. It can only be done online in six steps and will take you just a few minutes.


Personal information

You will have to complete a brief form with your contact data and create a login password to your new Digital Banking service.


Economic activity

We will ask you to inform us about your economic and tax activity. We will also ask you to verify your mobile telephone number in this step.


Video identification

You will have to confirm your identity through video identification by showing your identity document. We recommend you do so by using your mobile phone's camera in a well-lit place without anyone else nearby.


Branch and cards

You will have to choose your branch and where you want to receive the debit and coordinates cards.



You will receive an e-mail containing pre-contractual documents and the contract's General Terms and Conditions. Read them carefully and call us before subscribing if you have any doubts.


Sign the contracts

If you are in agreement with the documents you have received, follow the steps to sign the different contracts. You will receive a signed copy at your e-mail address.

Are you using a computer?

We recommend you open the account on your mobile phone because the camera is surely better. You can start opening the account by scanning the following QR code with your mobile phone:

Cuenta Online SIN Remunerada de Unicaja Banco

FAQs of Remunerated FEE-FREE Online Account

Do I need to have a salary to open my FEE-FREE Online account?

No, you don't because we will give you 1% interest on your average monthly balance in the first year as remuneration even if you do not have your salary directly deposited into the FREE Online Account. This will be 0.5% interest on your average balance as from the second year. The maximum balance to be remunerated is €30,000.

What remuneration will I get if I directly deposit my salary into my Remunerated FEE-FREE Online Account?

If you directly deposit your salary or pension for an amount exceeding €1,200 when you open your Remunerated FEE-FREE Online Account, you will obtain 2% interest on your average balance as remuneration in the first year. You will receive said interest each month and, after the first year has passed, you will henceforth obtain 0.5% interest on your average balance. The maximum average balance to be remunerated is €30,000.

What requirements must I meet to open my Remunerated FEE-FREE Online Account?

You must be over 18 years of age, reside in Spain and be a new customer to subscribe this account. Any person who has subscribed any Unicaja Banco service and/or product in the last 12 months will not be deemed a "new customer".


This account is solely for the use of individuals and you must confirm this is the case. If you are self-employed, you may not use it for your professional affairs.

What is the cashback for directly debited bills and how much money can I get?

If you directly debit your main bills (water, gas, electricity or communications) to the Remunerated FEE-FREE Online Account, you will obtain a 1% reimbursement (cashback) of their amounts. These reimbursements will be paid into your account and can add up to €100 a year.

What does video identification consist of?

In order to be able to verify you are really you without requiring you to go to a branch, we perform a video identification process.


You just need to ensure that the device you are using to perform your online account's subscription is equipped with a camera. 


During the video identification phase you must show:

  • The front and back of your identity document.
  • To complete the process, we will record a video and take a selfie of you.

If I subscribe online, would I have the same terms and conditions as if I were to subscribe at a branch?

No, because the terms and conditions of this product package are exclusively meant for online subscriptions of the Remunerated FEE-FREE Online Account and online transactions.

Haven't we convinced you yet?

Call us free of charge and we will clear up all your doubts. Customer service timetable from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday to Saturday (except holidays).