Payment account movement service

We help you move your payment account easily and free of charge

Moving wire transfers and direct debits

We arrange the moving of your standing orders for recurrent transfers, periodic incoming transfers and direct debits to your Unicaja Banco account from another institution operating in Spain, including salaries, pensions, utility bills, taxes, rents, insurance premiums, etc.

Making your management easier

If you wish to make the arrangements personally, we will provide you with any information you need. If you still do not have an account, go to any Unicaja Banco branch to open it. 

Portabilidad cuenta de pago servicio de traslado de Unicaja Banco

Procedure for moving payment accounts

In order to be able to move your account from another institution operating in Spain (the provider that transfers your account) to Unicaja Banco (the provider that receives your account), you must have an account opened at Unicaja Banco and fill in the movement request form included under "Documents" and submit it to your Unicaja Banco branch once it has been signed by all the account holders.


When we receive the completed form, we will get in touch with the institution that transfers your account within 2 business days at most to arrange the moving of your account.


The changes to the services indicated will be made within 5 business days at most from the moment we receive the information from the other institution, provided said information allows us to do so.


As from the execution date you indicate in the form (a date no less than 13 business days as from the form's submission), any direct debit charges and recurrent orders indicated will be accepted.


The old account can be cancelled if you expressly request it. The old account must have a sufficient balance to meet any outstanding payments and obligations charged to it until the process is completed.


If you have any doubts, remember that you can call our Customer Service Department at +34 900 151 948 or +34 952 07 62 63

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