Foreign Trade Facility

Use a credit line for your foreign trade operations


Perform your foreign trade operations with a line of credit.

Quick and simple

Operate your business across borders without the need to have each transaction approved within the credit line.


The line is opened in euros although you can operate in any quoted currency**.


We provide you with a credit limit suited to your financing needs.

Solicitar Línea de comercio exterior

The most efficient way to boost your international business

Maximum term of 12 months, renewable

Process your foreign trade transactions through a line of credit with which you can finance payments to suppliers, anticipate charges on your exports or issue international guarantees, among other services.


In order to have Foreign Trade Facility, you must sign for a coverage policy in front of a notary public for a value of 110% on the approved credit. This allows us to provide you with greater coverage against the possible volatile behaviour of any currency.

Contracting process

Sign up for Foreign Trade Facility at  any Unicaja branch, where we will be delighted to help you.


If you prefer, you can also apply for a Foreign Trade Line of Credit by filling out an application form and indicating at which branch you'd like it to be processed. We will contact you shortly.


Remember that if you have any questions or queries, you can call our customer service team on+34 952 07 62 24.

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