Up to three pay cheques

If you have to cover an unforeseen expense or don't want to wait to fulfil that dream, apply for a salary advance and get up to a maximum of up to €6,0001.


Repayment flexibility

Repayment term of up to 12 months². Depending on the amount requested.


For whatever you want

Regardless of whether it is for an unforeseen expense or a project that cannot wait.

Anticipo Nómina de Unicaja Banco

Benefit from the salary advance for whatever you need

Have the money you need without having to wait to get your salary paid (1)

If you have had your salary paid directly into Unicaja for at least six months and at least two directly debited bills, you can get an advance on your salary for that project you have in mind.

Financing tailored to your situation

Get an advance on your salary easily if you have your salary paid directly into Unicaja.

Frequently Asked Questions about Salary Advance

Is it necessary to have my salary paid directly into Unicaja to apply for a loan?

Apart from providing a guarantee of your ability to repay, the fact of having your salary paid directly Unicaja can improve your financing terms.

What are the purposes for requesting an advance?

It is an ideal solution for unforeseen expenses and projects with tight deadlines due to the approval process's speed.

What is the advance's maximum amount?

The Salary Advance's maximum amount is that of three pay cheques up to a maximum of €6,000.

Subscription process Salary Advance

In order to be able to subscribe the Salary Advance, you may go to any of our branches of Unicaja, where we will be pleased to attend you.


If you prefer, you may also apply for the Salary Advance by filling in the subscription form and stating which branch you wish to process it at. We shall shortly contact you.


Remember that, in the event of any doubt or query, you can call us at our customer care service: +34 900 15 19 48 or +34 952 07 62 63.

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