What must I do to manage the banking products included in an inheritance?

In order to facilitate the submission of the documents required for the file's probate management, you can submit all the required documents to process the file online. You must have previously signed the counselling and management application form in order to able to log in to the web space. All the documents will be processed at the Probate Service Centre, where a specialised team will be in charge of handling your probate formalities.

How must I prove I am an heir in the application?

Puede hacerlo presentando la documentación en la oficina o desde la web de Unicaja si previamente ha firmado la solitud de orientación y gestión.

When is the estate shared out among the heirs?

Once the heirs have settled inheritance tax and accept the share-out of the estate.

Who can apply for probate?

This procedure can be requested by whoever can prove they are an heir and submits the deceased's death certificate.

Who can request information about the deceased's positions?

Any person who has proven they are an heir can request information about the deceased's positions at Unicaja and request the relevant certificate to be issued which they will need to fulfil their tax obligations.