Locate our ATMs and take them with you

Here you have the ATM search engine to know where they are. If you do this from the Unicaja app, you can find the ones nearest to where you are.


Operate with the booklet or with a card

All you have to do is ask for the savings book PIN at the branch, or use your card to be able to withdraw cash or perform another of the available operations.


Withdraw cash using your mobile phone

If you have added your card to the new Unicaja app, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay, you can withdraw cash from ATMs using your mobile phone.


Know the features of the ATM

The web search engine or app provides the detailed features of the ATM, so you can see whether it takes deposits, or whether it has specific opening hours.

Cajeros sin comisiones de Unicaja Banco

Query ATMs which offer free debit cash withdrawals

Areas exempted from the debit cash withdrawal fee.

Main usual features

Card configuration

You may establish controls to use the card you want at each time, by activating or blocking its operativity on the Internet or abroad, or totally.  

  • Select the initial Card Configuration screen.
  • Decide whether you want your card to be able to operate abroad, on the Internet, or whether you want to block it.
  • Confirm your choice and change it whenever you want.




Cash deposit

Thus, at any time of day, you may deposit money in your account to deal with payments or manage your business cash flow. It is very easy; you just have to:

  • Chose the menu option: More operations > Deposits and transfers > Deposits.
  • Insert the notes as shown on the screen.
  • Chose how you want to record the deposit.
  • You will always get a receipt for the operation.

Payment of bills, fines and taxes

We do not want you to leave it to the last minute, but if it happens, you can go to any Unicaja ATM and pay bills, taxes and even fines!

  • Chose the menu option More operations > Pay bills and taxes.
  • Keep the bill to hand to key in the information we ask you for, or read the bar code and confirm the operation.
  • You will always get a receipt for the operation.




Internal and external transfers

You can make internal or external transfers at any time. Do not wait any longer and do it at any time of day.

  • Chose the menu option More operations > Deposits and transfers > Internal and external transfers.
  • State whether it is your own account or another person’s.
  • Have your account number to hand because you will have to key it in and confirm the operation.
  • You will always get a receipt for the operation.



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