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This information describes the risk of the Pension Scheme and may vary over time. It is calculated on the basis of simulated data that, however, may not be considered to constitute a reliable indication of the future risk profile of the Scheme. The risk profile information of each Scheme is available at Unicaja Pension Plans Catalogue. The scale of risk of the pension schemes promoted ranges from 1 to 7.

Collecting the pension payments or exercising the redemption right is only possible in the case of any of the contingencies or exceptional liquidity cases governed by the regulations on Pension Schemes and Funds taking place.



The value of the mobilisation fees, of the pension payments and the exceptional cases of liquidity depend on the market value of the Pension Fund assets and this may cause relevant losses.


Sustainable Pension Plan

Invest in your future responsibly

Responsible investment

Consider environmental, social or governance factors and supplement your investment with a social goal.


Contribute to sustainable development and the conservation of natural resources by reducing your finances' environmental impact.

Information on sustainability matters.


Make periodic or extraordinary contributions with the option of suspending them without any penalty.

Tax benefits(1)

Write off your contributions from your personal income tax base.

Invierte en tu futuro con el Plan de Pensiones Sostenible de Unicaja Banco

Investment that takes sustainable development into account

Evolution of traditional investment

Uniplan Sustainable Future is an innovative product based on responsible investment backed by the environmental, social and governance controls that companies which receive the investment implement in their processes.

Long-term savings and investment

Think of when you will retire without neglecting your money's social impact. You can benefit from financial foresight without undermining a better future for nature and society.

Contractual process Sustainable Pension Plan

To contract the Sustainable Pension Plan, you can go to  any of our Unicaja branches, where we will be delighted to attend you.


If you prefer, you can also apply for Sustainable Pension Plan by filling out our application form and indicating at which branch you'd like to process it. We will contact you shortly.


Remember, if you have any questions or queries, you can call our  customer service team: +34 952 07 62 63.

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