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The summary risk indicator is a risk level guide of this product as compared to other products. It shows the probabilities of the product losing money due to the evolution of the markets or because it might not be possible to provide the service agreed.

The risk indicator supposes you will keep the product during the recommended time as issued, or according to the investment term assigned (consult Kid).



Univida Investment Savings Insurance

A medium-term opportunity

Attractive savings

A savings insurance policy (1)  that allows for a single contribution to be made per contract  (2).

Expected returns

During the structural period, it is an annual percentage rate at that of maturity of the investment, according to the current tranche.

Unit-linked plan

With a recommended minimum maintenance period equal to that of the investment or that indicated in the product conditions.

Total liquidity

You can surrender all or part of your capital (3) within the liquidity windows enabled for that purpose.


A convenient way to supplement your investment

Additional capital in the event of the death of the insured individual

The beneficiaries designated in the policy will receive an additional capital of 2% of the contributed premium up to a maximum of €30,000 (*).


It will always be carried out at market value, with the corresponding tax amount withdrawn at the applicable IRPF rate. 

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