Visa Platinum Card

Preferential card for more international clients

Are you a client and do not have access codes?

Higher credit limit (1)    

Extend the power of your purchases with a superior expense limit.

Accident worldwide

The Visa Platinum Card is recognised in millions of stores worldwide.

Operate without commissions abroad with our Visa Platinum card

Without currency exchange commission on over the counter purchases abroad and without commission for withdrawing cash on debit abroad.

The perfect payment method for your travel

Apart from your insurance, enjoy the Visa Luxury Hotel service for Visa Platinum Card holders.

Solicitar tarjeta visa oro crédito


You may pay with your mobile phone

Link your Visa Platinum Card to any of the following mobile payment applications: Unipay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

AirRefund service for your travel

In the case of unforeseen flight incidents, you may obtain economic compensation.

For more information

COVERAGES of our Platinum Visa Card


The Platinum Visa Card has multiple coverages and services that offer unique advantages:


1. Travel assistance insurance(2) (up to € 12,000.00)

  • Civil liability insurance abroad (up to € 90,150.00)
  • Medical and legal insurance abroad
  • Damage to luggage (up to € 1,500.00)


2. Accident insurance(2) (up to € 1,000,000.00)


3. Emergency liquidity service. If you are robbed or lose your card, you can ask for emergency cash by calling + 34 901 246 246 or +34 952 076 263, the cash will be provided wherever you need it.



BENEFITS of the Visa Platinum Card


Thanks to the Privileges programme, access direct discounts in stores with your Visa Platinum Card

Application process

In order to be able to subscribe "Visa Platinum Card", you may go to any of our Unicaja Banco branches where we will be pleased to attend you.


If you prefer, you may also apply for "Visa Platinum Card" by filling in the application form and stating which branch you prefer to process it at. We shall shortly contact you.


Remember that, in the event of any doubt or query, you may call our customer care service: +34 901 24 62 46 or +34 952 07 62 63.




Main card maintenance commission: € 120.00 per annum.

Additional card maintenance commission: € 70.00 per annum.

Commission for withdrawing money from your account at ATMs (debit):

  • € 0, for withdrawals from Unicaja Banco, S.A. ATMs.
  • 100 % of what the ATM holder charges Unicaja Banco for the withdrawal. That is, for debit cash withdrawals by the client at other banks in the country (not Unicaja Banco), Euro Zone, Sweden and Romania, Unicaja Banco will charge the client the fee those banks charge Unicaja Banco. We inform you that, when performing the operation, the fee the bank that owners the ATM charges Unicaja Banco will be paid and that we may charge you this. In any event, you can consult areas in Spain where, to compensate us not having a widespread ATM network in those provinces, we will not charge you the first three debit cash withdrawals. Consult where you may withdraw cash free in Spain.
  • 0,00 % (minimum € 0.00) in the rest of countries. We will charge this price for cash withdrawals at ATMs outside Spain.


Commission for withdrawing cash on credit with your card:

  • 4,00 % (minimum € 3.50), for operations performed at Unicaja Banco, S.A. ATMs.
  • 4,00 % (minimum € 3.50 €) plus 100 % of what the ATM holder charges Unicaja Banco for the withdrawal. That is, a commission of 4.00 % (with a minimum of € 3.50) will be charged on the amount withdrawn and the fee charged by the ATM holder bank for withdrawal use of the ATM in the country (not Unicaja Banco), Euro Zone, Sweden and Romania, will be charged. 5.00 % (minimum € 5.00) in the rest of countries. That is, you will be charged a commission of 5.00% (with a minimum of € 5.00) of the amount withdrawn at banks that are not in the Euro Zone, Sweden or Romania.
  • 5,00 % (minimum € 5.00) in other countries. That is, a commission of 5.00% (with a minimum of € 5.00) will be charged for the amount that is withdrawn from entities that are not in the Euro Zone, neither in Sweden nor in Romania.


Commission for operations in currencies other than the euro: 0 % This commission shall be applied to the amount arising from the exchange value in euros of all transactions in currency (over the counter purchases) using the card, according to the exchange rate obtained by the Payment Systems on the date when the relevant clearing takes place. For remote purchases and the rest of operations performed in currency, the commission will be 3 % per transaction.





In the instalment payment mode the operations (purchases, cash withdrawals, ...) performed with the card during the calendar month shall be accumulated, and a fixed amount of the credit drawn shall be returned, that shall be liquidated and paid on a monthly basis on the 1st of each calendar month until full payment of the amount of the operations performed under this payment mode. The balance drawn shall accrue interest at the annual Nominal Interest Rate (NIR) at 22.20 %. The AER varies according to the amount of credit on the card. Here are different examples of the AER:

  • To withdraw credit on a Visa Platinum card for a purchase at a store in the country of € 1,500, repaid in 11 monthly instalments of € 140.45 and a last monthly instalment of € 140.47, the total amount owed would be € 1,805.42, which is an AER of 46.55 %. AER calculated with a maintenance commission of € 120 per annum included.
  • To withdraw credit on a Visa Platinum card for a purchase at a store in the country of € 3,000, repaid in 11 monthly instalments of € 140.45 € and a last monthly instalment of € 280.90 and a last monthly instalment of € 280.93, the total amount owed would be € 3,490.83, which is an AER of 34.83%. AER calculated with a maintenance commission of € 120 per annum included.


Under no circumstance shall the amount of the monthly repayment be € 20. Thus, the minimum monthly instalment to be paid shall be € 20, plus the interest and commissions that have been generated during the period.

If you have doubts

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