Credit cards

CHOOSE the CREDIT card that best suits your lifestyle

Tarjeta Visa Platinum Unicaja Banco

Platinum Visa Card

Preferential card for more international clients.

  • No maintenance fee in the first year*
  • The perfect means of payment for your travel
  • Without commissions abroad **

All our credit cards come with these advantages:

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A flexible credit card

Flexible instalments or payment methods depending on the credit card you apply for.

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You can pay with your mobile phone at shops

Pay with your credit card from any mobile device. Add it to your favourite platform and benefit from this digital advantage.


Turn your credit card on and off

Activate and deactivate your card whenever you want or need to on our app or directly on the Digital Banking service.

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Receive your credit card at home

No need to go to a branch. In addition, you can also activate your credit card on the Digital Banking service.

Application Process for Credit Cards

You can go to any Unicaja Banco branch to apply for our credit cards, where we will be delighted to help you out.


You can also apply for a card in each credit card's fact sheet by filling in the application form, where you can indicate the branch where you would like it to be processed. We will then get in touch with you shortly.


However, don't forget that if you have any queries or doubts, you can call any of our Customer Service telephone numbers: +34 901 24 62 46 or +34 952 07 62 63.

Dinos tus preferencias y descubre tu tarjeta ideal en un momento

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Count on us for any decision

Your next trip will be unforgettable

You only have to choose the destination and pack. We handle your travel insurance, cards, credit, etc. Whatever you need.

Payment Deferral
Making your purchases more flexible

You can save to buy what you cannot afford now, or you can enjoy it now if you buy it now and defer the payment in easy instalments.


Apart from our credit cards

Boost the balance of your savings account with the credit on your card. A quick and easy service.

Your Unicaja accounts and products always at hand. Anytime, anywhere.

Choose the card to carry with you for your day-to-day life. The one you need at each moment.


Our telephone support lines are open  

Mon-Sat from 8 am to 10 pm non-stop..

901 246 246

You can also call us  

on 952 076 263

ATMs and Branches

Find your nearest ATM or Branch.

Fill in the form

Use our forms to request information.

901- and 902- service lines have special rates that may vary according to the telephone company. We recommend checking your telephone company for current calling rates for these numbers.

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