Mastercard Debit Card

The safest and most convenient option to carry your money with you, useful for purchases and cash withdrawals at ATMs and branches.  

  • Your accounts, always straightforward

  • Úsala en cualquier lugar

  • Free for the first year*

  • Withdraw money from more than 14,000 ATMs without any fees***

Real Madrid Card

Feel the Real Madrid spirit. Always carry your pride around with you with the Real Madrid card. Your card for day-to-day purchases.

  • Choose your design

  • Use it to make online and over-the-counter purchases

  • Total security for your purchases and transactions

  • Withdraw money from more than 14,000 ATMs without any fees***

Young Person's Debit Card

The debit card that allows you to bank easily on the Internet and in establishments, specially designed for those under 28 years old.

  • No issuance or maintenance fees

  • With all the Privileges of Euro 6000

  • Valid for banking on the Internet and abroad

PlayStation Card

Find out about the gamer card which reimburses you 0.5% of each of your purchases in PSN credits and 0.5% of your main bills**.

  • Choose your design

  • No issuance or maintenance fees

  • Obtain PSN credits on your purchases and main bills**

  • Withdraw money from more than 14,000 ATMs without any fees***


Make your purchases conveniently both online and at physical stores using a totally digital card without any physical media.

  • Carry it on your mobile phone

  • Top it up on the Digital Banking service

  • Withdraw money from ATMs

More debit cards

If you haven't found the card you want, we have an extensive catalogue you can consult at any of our branches.

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