Free debit card withdrawals from over 14,000 ATMs

Find out where you can make debit card withdrawals from ATMs free of charge1.


No fee for the first year

No issuance or maintenance fee in the first year. From the second year, the annual maintenance fee will be €32.

The safest and most convenient way to carry your money with you


Your debit card comes with EURO 6000 Plus. Enjoy instant discounts. You just have to request them with your Mastercard Debit Card.


Use your card every day for online purchases and in over 33 million physical stores around the world. You can also conveniently pay with your mobile phone if you want.


With contactless technology and an EMV chip, which makes the cards less vulnerable to counterfeit fraud. And in the event of theft or loss, you can temporarily deactivate the card with a single click through our Digital Banking service.

Obtaining your credit card is very simple



Make sure that your details are correct and select the account you want to be charged for payments made with your Mastercard Debit Card.



Choose between receiving your new debit card at home or in one of our branches of Unicaja.



Sign the contract with the security code that we send to your mobile phone. Remember to check the details of the contract before signing. You can receive your card within 3 business days!

Request your card now and you can receive it within 3 days

Frequently asked questions about Mastercard Debit Card

What conditions do I have to meet to request a Mastercard Debit Card online?

To be able to request a Mastercard Debit Card through Digital Banking, you simply have to be the holder of a Unicaja account and not have any other Mastercard Debit Cards linked to that account.

What documents will I need to obtain my Mastercard Debit Card?

You do not need to provide any additional documents to obtain your Mastercard Debit Card. You simply have to log into your Digital Banking service, request the card and select the account you want to link it to.

How do I activate my Mastercard Debit Card for online purchases?

When you have received your card, you can activate it through your Digital Banking service or any transaction that requires you to enter your PIN at ATMs or in stores. You can also configure the card to be used for online purchases through your Digital Banking service.

Can I use my Mastercard Debit Card abroad? What fees do you charge?

To be able to use your card abroad, you simply have to activate this option in your Digital Banking service. If you travel to a country with the same currency as us, you will not be charged any fee to pay for your shopping.


However, if you travel to a country with a currency other than the euro, you will be charged a fee of 3% for each transaction. This fee will be applied to the resulting equivalent amount in euros of all foreign currency transactions (purchases and cash withdrawals) made with the card according to the exchange rate obtained by the payment systems on the date when the relevant payment is made.

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Request your card now and you can receive it within 3 days

Conditions of the Mastercard Debit Card

Main fees of the Mastercard Debit Card:


Fee for debit cash withdrawals made with cards from ATMs:

€0 fee for debit cash withdrawals made from Unicaja Banco, S.A. ATMs.


100% of what the owner of the ATM charges Unicaja for that withdrawal. In other words, for cash withdrawals made by the customer with a debit cart at the ATMs of other banks in Spain (not Unicaja), the Euro Area, Sweden and Romania, Unicaja will pass the amount that these banks charge it on to the customer. Please note that at the time withdrawal is made, you should see information on the screen giving the amount that the bank that owns the ATM will charge Unicaja for the withdrawal, and that we can pass on to you. En cualquier caso, puedes hacer retiradas de efectivo a débito mediante tarjeta en cajeros automáticos de España de forma gratuita en las ciudades indicadas en el punto 1.


4.00% (minimum €3.50) in other countries. We will charge this price for cash withdrawals made by the customer with a debit cart at the ATMs outside Spain, the Euro Area, Sweden and Romania.


Fee for transactions in currencies other than the euro: 3%This fee will be applied to the amount resulting from the equivalent in euros of all the transactions in foreign currencies (purchases and cash withdrawals) performed with the card in accordance with the exchange rate obtained by the Payment Systems on the date of the corresponding settlement. 


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