Prepaid card

Top it up at any time on the Digital Banking service, at ATMs and branches. The maximum balance for each card top-up is of €2,000.


Make purchases anywhere

Mastercard allows you to make payments on platforms anywhere in the world.


Carry it on your mobile phone

It is a virtual card which you can carry on your mobile phone and always have it at hand for your purchases or to withdraw money from ATMs.


More secure

There is no risk of fraud beyond the amount topped up on the card.

More advantages of your e-Card

E-Tarjeta de Unicaja Banco

You've got control on your Digital Banking service

Query the PIN, top up or withdraw the balance, check movements, disable Internet purchases or turn your e-Card on / off. Before making a purchase, you can also query the card number, its expiry date and the CVC security code.

E-Tarjeta de Unicaja Banco

Withdraw money from ATMs free of charge

Debit cash withdrawals across our entire ATM network. You can query other networks and provinces in which you can also do so here. Remember that you must have registered your card on the Unicaja app, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay in order to withdraw cash.

E-Tarjeta de Unicaja Banco

Special discounts

You can benefit from EURO 6000 Plus Program.

Applying for your e-Card is very easy

How do I apply?



To apply for your prepaid card on the Unicaja website or app.



Select where the first top-up will be made from and chose its amount.



Download the Prior Subscription Information and the General Terms and Conditions of Subscription. If you agree, sign using the security code we will send to your mobile phone.

Apply for it online now and it will be instantly available

Terms and Conditions of the e-Card


Maintenance fee: €9.00 per year.

Fee for debit cash withdrawals made from ATMs with cards: Fee of €0 at Unicaja ATMs.

100% of whatever the owner of the ATM charges Unicaja for the withdrawal, for transactions made at other ATMs in Spain, the Eurozone, Sweden and Romania. The first three transactions made at certain locations and financial institutions are exempted from this fee. Find out where you can make free debit cash withdrawals from ATMs in Spain with a card here.

4.00% (minimum charge of €3.50) in all other countries.

Fee for foreign currency transactions other than the euro: 3%. This fee is calculated from the resulting euro countervalue amount of all foreign currency transactions according to the exchange rate obtained by the payment systems on the date when the relevant settlement is made.

(1) The Institution will file the electronic document through which the contract is entered into.

The contract will be entered into in Spanish.

You may withdraw from the contract after signing it within a time limit of 14 calendar days as from the date it is entered into and you will have to return the card you have received.


It is a virtual card which you can carry on your mobile phone and always have it at hand for your purchases or to withdraw money from ATMs.



Your prepaid card for both physical and online purchases.

Can we help you?

Also at 952 076 263 or through the contact form.

Our telephone service hours are Monday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (except national holidays).

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