Its free and really easy


What do I have to do?

Log in to your Digital Banking service, enter the Cards section and access the EURO 6000 Plus programme to find out about all its promotions.


Register for the programme

Follow the registration steps and associate one of your Unicaja accounts. Then accept and sign the terms and conditions.



Access the catalogue

Enter the EURO 6000 Plus website from your Digital Banking service and get to know the programme's brands. Find out about all its offers and make your purchases from there.


More than 130 brands

Well-known brands like Sephora, H&M, Pandora, Adidas, Decathlon, Ikea, Mediamarkt, Booking and many more!

Saving has never been so easy!

EURO 6000 Plus de Unicaja Banco

Direct discounts will be applied on the price of your purchase or you will receive refunds in the account you have associated every time you pay with your Unicaja card within the EURO 6000 Plus catalogue.

Register and you're ready to go. No associated expenses or costs

Choose your category, find your brand and enjoy the discount

EURO 6000 Plus de Unicaja Banco

Trendy fashion items, for much less

Dress up with the most exclusive brands for less than you can imagine:


Levi's, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Michael Kors, Misako...


Don't miss out!

EURO 6000 Plus de Unicaja Banco

More than just entertainment

Movies, concerts and events at special prices. Spice up your free time:


Cinesa, Faunia, HBO Max, Disney Shop, Smartbox, Lego, Terra Mítica...


Let the show begin!

EURO 6000 Plus de Unicaja Banco

Beauty at the best price

The very best beauty, cosmetics and health brands have joined our programme:


Druni, Yves Rocher, Visionlab, Promofarma...


Check out how well they suit you!

EURO 6000 Plus de Unicaja Banco

Make every trip count

Take advantage of exclusive discounts and refunds on hotels and dream destinations.


Booking, Iberia, eDreams, Expedia, Halcón Viajes, Europcar...


Relax and enjoy.

Your Unicaja card, your savings ally

Frequently Asked Questions about EURO 6000 Plus

What is EURO 6000 Plus?

EURO 6000 Plus is a benefits programme that offers discounts on purchases through refund bonuses or direct instant discounts.

How can I join the EURO 6000 Plus Programme?

You can join the programme by logging in to your Digital Banking service (website) and clicking on the "Go to EURO 6000 Plus" button.

What kind of purchases can benefit from the advantages offered by the EURO 6000 Plus Programme?

Any online purchases paid with your Unicaja card that are made on the EURO 6000 Plus webpage, which can only be accessed on your Digital Banking service through the "Go to EURO 6000 Plus" link located at the start.

How do I know what offers come with a deferred bonus (refund)?

The offers that come with a deferred bonus (refund) are displayed with a "Refund" label in the list of offers on the EURO 6000 Plus Programme website.

How are refunds generated?

Refunds are generated from the very moment you purchase the product or book the service (trip/flight/hotel). Said amount is called an “Outstanding refund”.

What are the time limits until the refund is received?

The “Outstanding refund” will be credited on the 15th day of the following month once the following conditions are met:

  1. Once between 45 and 120 days have elapsed since the product's purchase date (or between 30 and 60 days since the service was effectively rendered: trip/flight/hotel).
  2. The customer has accumulated at least €3 in "Outstanding refunds".

What happens if the date refunds are to be credited is a holiday?

If the refund date is a holiday, the refund will be made on the immediately following business day.

How can the status of my refunds be queried?

The status of refunds can be queried through your Digital Banking service in the section called "My refunds" on the EURO 6000 Plus Programme website.

Where is the refund credited to?

The refund will be credited to the account you have previously chosen when joining the programme.

Where should I go to sort out my doubts and incidents?

You have to fill out the form provided in the section called "Contact" on the programme's website. Alternatively, you can also do so by sending an e-mail to

How can I unsubscribe?

You can click "Unsubscribe" on the toolbar within the programme's website through your Digital Banking service.


Customers who are entitled to refunds and have unsubscribed from the programme will receive the credits corresponding to them. As for any customers who have accumulated refunds without reaching the threshold of €3 when they unsubscribe, the cumulative amount will be kept and can be recovered if they register for EURO 6000 Plus once more.

Can we help you?

Also at 952 076 263 or through the contact form.

Our telephone service hours are Monday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (except national holidays).

We also put other contact methods at your disposal: