Take advantage of an unprecedented grant plan

Refurbishing your condominium property has never been so easy. Find out about the open Next Generation Funds call for your home.


Financing of up to 100% of the refurbishment, without any limits!

If you need it, we additionally offer you a loan* to finance your refurbishment works' entire quote (including VAT).


Repay it in easy instalments in up to ten years

The condominium property owners' association has up to ten years to repay the loan with an optional six-month grace period for principal repayments.


Improve your energy performance certificate and save on your energy bills

Replace the façade's insulation and improve heating or lighting installations in order to reduce energy consumption.

Préstamo de Rehabilitación Energética - Fondos Next

The European Union is allocating €750 billion to the economic recovery

Register free of charge for the Next Simulator and find out whether you can benefit from the new Next Generation European funds. We help you find and process the grants and subsidies that are available for you and your condominium property owners' association. Find out whether you are eligible for a European grant.


Energy renovation turnkey service

Our "turnkey" service, which we are offering jointly with other leading renovation agents, ranges from conducting an initial energy renovation feasibility study right up to the management of NGEU funds, along with executing and financing the works.

Frequently asked questions about the Energy Renovation Loan for Condominium Property Owners' Associations

What kind of projects and energy renovation works can be financed?

The actions which can be financed are the following:


a) Energy efficiency improvements in heating insulation.


b) Energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy use in heating, air conditioning, cooling, ventilation and sanitary hot water installations.


c) Energy efficiency improvements in lighting installations.

Who can apply for an Energy Renovation Loan for Condominium Property Owners' Associations?

The loan application must be submitted on behalf of the condominium owners' association but signed by its president and/or secretary-administrator in accordance with the resolution taken by the owners' association. Find out about the documents needed at any of our branches. Furthermore, granting is subject to the institution's criteria.

How must the condominium property owners' association prove the renovation works' cost?

When it applies for the loan, the condominium property owners' association must submit the quote for the works to be carried out, which must include VAT.

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